When to remove your wedding ring or bands

A wedding band that is worn with the engagement ring is a ring that is the same width throughout. Wedding bands are frequently worn by men, without any engagement ring. A wedding ring, however, has a different width throughout the ring so that it would be able to fit with the engagement ring, which would be oddly shaped due to the gemstone. Women generally wear wedding rings with their engagement rings instead of wearing a wedding band.

A pair of wedding bands

Wedding rings and wedding bands in Singapore may be bought in a set altogether from bridal shops as well as jewellery shops. Purchasing your wedding rings and wedding bands as a package deal would definitely lower the cost of the rings considerably as compared to when you buy them separately.

The wedding ring or wedding band is exchanged between the bride and the groom during the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the wedding band or wedding ring is not worn before the wedding. The engagement ring, however, is worn throughout the engagement and may be worn with the wedding ring after the wedding.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom takes off the engagement ring that he originally promised to love the bride and marry her with. He then slides the wedding ring or band onto her finger, then the engagement ring after the wedding ring. This is so that the wedding ring is closer to her heart as compared to the engagement ring.

Customized wedding band and a wedding ring

However, they can get in the way sometimes, while working, while cooking or even when you are carrying your grocery bags. They may get stuck to your hair or strings, or hinder you from playing the instrument or typing on your keyboard. This motivates many wedded couples to remove their wedding rings and wedding bands. When would be a good time to put it back on?

You are free to choose whether you want to wear both the wedding ring and engagement ring together or wear them separately for special occasions. You could wear your wedding ring with your engagement ring when you are going for events, only your wedding ring when you are meeting someone new or going to work and only your engagement ring when you are attending to a fancy dinner or a concert.

Some people also stop wearing their wedding rings in all. Wedding rings in Singapore are quite expensive, hence pressurising them to keep their wedding rings and wedding bandssafely. They may feel that doing certain things may damage their rings, and end up taking them off. It is also possible that they fear of losing their rings and hence keep them in a safer place.

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