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AMD Wedding AMD Wedding AMD Wedding AMD Wedding AMD Wedding

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AMD Wedding Since 1985

We grew from a humble geomancy service in China, later expanding into weddings as our grandparents migrated south to Hong Kong and Malaysia. We finally settled down in the little red dot of Singapore. Throughout three generations, our trade has evolved with the times. Still, our vision continues to hold – to foster meaningful matrimonies based on our cultural roots that not only last a lifetime but transcend generations.

Ms Agnes Tan founded Amanda Dreamweaver, and before starting on her own, she had a long history in the wedding line. Agnus’ father-in-law worked in a similar role as well, working with couples to choose auspicious dates for weddings and conducting fortune telling. With Amanda Dreamweaver, Agnus is “returning” to the family business.

Our traditions are in themselves heirlooms, forming the base of our cultural identity. Therefore, we believe it is always essential to return to our roots. Hence, we are dedicated to preserving our Chinese heritage and passing down these customs.

With great pride and passion, we share our knowledge and expertise on the meaningful virtues, significance, and traditions of weddings. After all, a marriage is not just the union of a couple but the joining of two families and the expansion of our collective Chinese community.

With Singapore having a good mix of the traditional wedding as well as modernised weddings, Agnus sees that reflected in Amanda Dreamweaver as well. Today, Agnus runs the business alongside her son, Mr Cetic Lai Kah Loon, and hand-in-hand, Amanda Dreamweaver has built themselves a solid reputation as the go-to solution for wedding needs.