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The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist The Red Petals Florist

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It is almost impossible to think about a wedding without flowers, as they have been a prominent feature and tradition in wedding celebrations since the medieval times.

The Red Petals Florist subscribes to the notion that everyone deserves to have nice flowers at their wedding. They also believe that every wedding and couple are different and may have different tastes. Customers are not obliged to use the designs they offer. The Red Petals Florist are open to ideas from clients so you are welcomed to contribute your creative input to the floral decorations at your wedding.

Their church decor and bridal car packages offered are relatively fixed, but you can opt for ala-carte options for your venue decorations. The mixture of forms and colours in bloom add much volume and character to a room. Plus, the sight of flowers can soften the look of any location and create a romantic atmosphere to match the mood and ambience of your wedding day.

The Red Petals Florist can also spruce up your ride with the bridal car decoration package which includes corsages, bridesmaid wrist piece and loose floral hair decorations.

Paint your wedding with flowers and petals of any hue with The Red Petals Florist.