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86 East Coast Road, #01-02 Katong Square, Singapore 428788
6344 1735

Goldleaf Restaurant Goldleaf Restaurant Goldleaf Restaurant Goldleaf Restaurant

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Serving the best Taiwanese Porridge since 1971, we continue our tradition of only using the best.

The history of Goldleaf Restaurant

Goldleaf Restaurant was founded in 1971 by a group of Singaporean businessmen who wanted to preserve the taste of old-school, family style Chinese cuisine. We were determined to serve dishes that offer comfort and nostalgia to all who come through our doors.

We started the restaurant in Orchard Road and specially selected a team of experienced Taiwanese chefs, who put together a mouth-watering selection of dishes that reminded everyone of home. These dishes have since become our customers’ “comfort food”.

Over the last 48 years, Goldleaf Restaurant has been faithful to preserve the tradition and taste of our food and we continue to serve the same Taiwanese-style porridge and food that rpovides warmth and comfort to our customers and friends.