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Events & Contest details

A good NEWS to all wedding couples! 

During previous wedding fairs, we have noticed that couples tend to shop with no prior knowledge of what goes into a wedding planning. They ended up being left in the dark, leaving them as easy preys for companies that can talk their way through a package. In the end, expectations were not fulfilled, and many received nasty memories of their wedding journey.

To better prepare yourselves, we will be offering a one-to-one pre-BOWS consultation that will help you better understand wedding packages and provide a guiding light on how to shop for one. If you have no clue where and how to start, this is for you…

~ A total of 14 wedding bridal houses are taking part in this year’s BOWS.
~ From past surveys, a couple spends on average 1.5 hours at a single bridal booth to understand a package.
~ This time consuming process leaves couples exhausted, and the chances of making wrong decisions are very high.
~ It is nearly impossible for one couple to understand all bridal houses at the event.
~ You might miss out on the package that really suits you.
You should attend this workshop if you want to…
~ Understand what both of you, bride and groom, actually need from a wedding package.
~ Know the method on how to fully understand packages at a booth in just maximum 10 minutes.
~ Cover all 14 bridal house within 2 hours.
~ Reduce the risk of signing a wrong package.
~ Cut away the stress caused by hard-sell tactics.
~ Find out how to read a photographer’s portfolio.
~ Learn what to shoot for pre-wedding photos.
~ Discover how to maximise your dollar to fullest value

You will walk away with valuable insider knowledge on the workings of the wedding industry, and may even enjoy a free gown + photography/videography package! Attendance is free by registration so do secure your seats as soon as you can!

To learn more about us, Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography, please visit our YouTube playlists.