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Chris Ling International Photographers Chris Ling International Photographers Chris Ling International Photographers Chris Ling International Photographers Chris Ling International Photographers

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Chris Ling started out in 1993 as a wedding photographer and has developed a wealth of experience in studio, outdoor and journalistic wedding photography over the years. For the past two decades, he has built the signature Chris Ling style and technique that has become a selling point, setting industry standards for high quality and professionalism. With his valuable knowledge in the fine technical aspect of photography, and his soft skills in directing photography subjects, his studio, Chris Ling International Photographers, has gained popularity in the market among bridal couples.

Aside from his unique shooting style and his strength in storytelling, he never stops creating and experimenting with new concepts for his wedding photo shoots. By incorporating a “street photography” style, he has produced candid yet intimate behind-the-scenes moments of the couples for them to cherish. His work in wedding photography also allowed him to fulfil his wanderlust. With extensive globetrotting to many countries, he took the opportunity to explore, research, and gain insight into viable overseas photo shoot locations for his couples.

His expertise in photography and passion in providing quality service to bridal couples extends to his team at Chris Ling International Photographers. With an all-inclusive, high-end studio that is equipped with professional technology, his team and him dedicate their hard work and time to carefully plan, craft, and create timeless wedding images. While constantly learning and honing his craft, he offers his best to wedding couples through his approach to photography, exceeding expectations and delivering satisfaction.

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✨4 hours outdoor photography✨15R album with 20 photos✨Selected soft copies (20 photos)✨Wedding gown x 1 (From Z Wedding: A wide range from the Photography range)✨Man suit x 1 (From Z Wedding)✨Casual x 2 (BYO)


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Great NEWS to all wedding couples!  Chris Ling Photography and Z Wedding will be unveiling a very special #LetTheMomentLastForever Wedding Bundle! With prices starting from $988/$3988, get all your bridal, wedding photography & videography needs – from studio, outdoor, pre-wedding (local and overseas) to actual day… we got it all covered! You can also build your own ala carte bundle that cater to your needs and budget, simply make an appointment and enquire with us this weekend!   Why should you choose Z Wedding? We have the best combination in terms our of bespoke gown collection, professional make-up artists and photography team. As we are the one and only bridal boutique to work together with Chris Ling International Photographers, you can only expect the best result for pre-wedding studio and outdoors/overseas/actual day photography & videography. On top of that, we believe in providing the best for our fashion-forward brides; therefore, our brides can look forward to be spoilt with consistent new sample gown launches and MTM services. What makes Z Wedding different from the others? We pride ourselves in offering all-rounded professional solution to wedding couples, that’s not limited to just gowns, bridal make-up and photography. In fact, we believe in providing services way beyond that basic trio by taking care of your final presentation to all your guests on the wedding banquet by providing you with the one and only March-in Class in Singapore. How will it be suitable for you? If you are looking for professional service and advices rather than just focusing on checking you to-do-list, Z Wedding’s Open House will be ideal for you. Instead of a one-package-fits-all-deal, we believe in value-added service by helping you build your own bundle that caters to your needs and preference without bursting your budget. Afterall, with the number of real reviews online and couple testimonials, we strongly believe in being the one you’re looking for. Please feel free to visit our online channel to understand what the couples like you had went through with us:

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A good NEWS to all wedding couples!  During previous wedding fairs, we have noticed that couples tend to shop with no prior knowledge of what goes into a wedding planning. They ended up being left in the dark, leaving them as easy preys for companies that can talk their way through a package. In the end, expectations were not fulfilled, and many received nasty memories of their wedding journey. To better prepare yourselves, we will be offering a one-to-one pre-BOWS consultation that will help you better understand wedding packages and provide a guiding light on how to shop for one. If you have no clue where and how to start, this is for you… ~ A total of 14 wedding bridal houses are taking part in this year’s BOWS. ~ From past surveys, a couple spends on average 1.5 hours at a single bridal booth to understand a package. ~ This time consuming process leaves couples exhausted, and the chances of making wrong decisions are very high. ~ It is nearly impossible for one couple to understand all bridal houses at the event. ~ You might miss out on the package that really suits you. You should attend this workshop if you want to… ~ Understand what both of you, bride and groom, actually need from a wedding package. ~ Know the method on how to fully understand packages at a booth in just maximum 10 minutes. ~ Cover all 14 bridal house within 2 hours. ~ Reduce the risk of signing a wrong package. ~ Cut away the stress caused by hard-sell tactics. ~ Find out how to read a photographer’s portfolio. ~ Learn what to shoot for pre-wedding photos. ~ Discover how to maximise your dollar to fullest value You will walk away with valuable insider knowledge on the workings of the wedding industry, and may even enjoy a free gown + photography/videography package! Attendance is free by registration so do secure your seats as soon as you can! To learn more about us, Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography, please visit our YouTube playlists.



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2019/12/21 - 2019/12/22

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A Good NEWS To All Wedding Couples! Finally our ‘Gen Z’ Wedding Project is here! With this project, you can have the best gowns + photography/videography and the package could be FREE! RSVP for Gen Z' Wedding Project Seminar Event Details: Date: 30 November & 01 December 2019 Time: 2 - 4pm (by appointment only) Location: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973 Fees: Free of charge. RSVP: Click here to RSVP.

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