How to Find Her Ring Size?
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If you are planning to propose soon and have found a ring that you’re most likely going to propose with, you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard when the retail assistant asks you “do you know her ring size?” Here are some possible ways to obtaining her ring size secretly!
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Borrow one of her Rings

Keep a look out for any ring that she wears occasionally -especially one that she tends to wear on her ring finger. There are three ways to go about this: the best bet would be to take it along with you to the jeweller and get it measured. Or you can trace it out on a piece of paper, tracing the inside and outside with pencil. Alternatively, try slipping it over one of your fingers and use a pen to mark where it stops.

Get Help From a Friend

One of the best ways to get assistant would be to phone her close friend. She will definitely be delighted to be a part of this espionage, especially when it concerns her close friend’s future happiness. You may have to choose a friend that is also looking around for rings, or planning to get hitched soon. Have her accompany your partner to a jewellery shop and ask her friend to get the required measurements.

Use a Decoy

If you’re the kind that tend to surprise your partner with gifts and presents, you’re in luck! Purchase a cheap accessory ring and get her to wear it, saying how you think it would look so lovely on her. Alternatively, if you are known to be more on the goofy side, get a toy ring or a lollipop ring - and voila! You’re one step closer to finding out her ring size. From there, make a mental note on whether the accessory/ toy ring fits or is too big or small for her ring finger.

Order A Ring Sizer

The most direct approach would of course be ordering a Free Ring-sizer from us, addressed to her. Note: Your acting skills would have to be hollywood-level to accomplish this. Pretend that you have zero clue as to why she has received one, and get her to play around with it, and use it to compare both your ring sizes!

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