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If walls could talk, they’d say that adding a little life to them would be a creative way to liven up your home or commercial interiors. Now you can make your walls sing just by re-imagining the way you think about wall coverings. evoWALLS Luxury Wall Tiles are just what you need to spur your imagination. evoWALLS is the first product to take the many innovations that have made vinyl such a popular choice for flooring and reapply them as a unique alternative to wallpaper, paint, paneling, ceramic or any other traditional wall covering. Years of manufacturing and design advances have made vinyl a go to choice for a wide array of settings. Both residential and commercial consumers have enjoyed the durability and design flexibility of vinyl. But never for luxury designer wall coverings. FEATURES: - Beautiful Textures, Colours, and Patterns - Easy Handling and Installation - Easy Maintenance - Versatile - Time-Saving, Affordable and Hassle-Free!

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