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1. 1-Hour Videographer for Solemnization Only

2. Required to record Room's Decoration, Bride and Father walk-in, Solemnization Process (Saying of Vows, Exchange Rings, Signing of Marriage Cert, etc) and Couple Walk-out of Solemnization Room.

3. For Post-Production, would like to have a 5-mins Video for Highlight (edited) and an Original Raw Digital Movie File HD on thumb drive, more preferred than burnt in DVD. (Video will be shown on banquet day)

4. Wedding Lunch Banquet will be held separately in 6 months' time, therefore if video is awesome, will continue to engage the same Videographer again!


2017-10-02 12:15:22

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2017-11-01 23:59:59

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Actual Day Videography Only- 1 x Videographer ( 6 Hours Only)- 1 x Same Day Edit ( 3-5 Mins)- 1 x Full Highlights (8-10 Mins)- 1 x Re-edit- No Early Charges- $200/hr For Additional Hours- All Deliverables in Soft Copy


Further details can be found under "Package Reference" below.


GOLD PACKAGEPhotography @ $1,400 Package Includes:- 1 Main Photographer + 1 novice photographer / assistant (FOC)- All photos will be properly edited for exposure, color correction, cropping, levels & curves- Up to 40 photos will be color treated (Eg. b/w, sepia etc...)- Up to 120 chosen 4R images to be printed and slotted into an album- One (1) 16" x 20" printed photo, framed and signed by Calvin- Some Digital Imaging will be done on some images depending on situation and image (Eg, eyes close to open)- 1 hour casual Photoshoot before the actual day (similar to pre-nup; can be done on a separate day)- 1 hour Photoshoot during actual day (please allot extra time for this)- 1 song length SDE Photo Montage slideshow which includes some animation of morning highlights with the casual photoshoot*- Output on master copy DVD with designed cover Video Filming @ $1,600Package Includes:- 1 Videographer with up to 2 angles- Includes editing for color management- Special filming effects such as slider effect, fly cam effect- 1 song length SDE of morning highlights*- Full day highlights* (SDE + Banquet highlights; Please allow up to 8 weeks for editing)- Output on master copy DVD with designed cover(Please be advised, if you want the RAW video files, you need to provide me with an external hard disk)^Optional Cost: Raw Straight cut into 1 video, no additional music and stabilization done @ $250^*1 song length could be 2 min+ - 5 mins depending on the music chosen. The copyright for the music that will be used is not paid, please do advise the venue manager that you will be playing an SDE video with no copyright, normally they are OK with it as long as they are informed. Royalty free music will cost from $100 - $150 (optional cost). Royalty free music will allow you to post the video and photo montage online like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo without being taken down. ^Video is shot with the highlight in mind and priority, filming is not shot non-stop, we can however put the raw videos into 1 straight cut, no effects will be done on the video and no music will be added, 1 straight cut can go as long as 30mins, it will depend on the amount of footages. Packages are sold in its entirety, customers can opt not to take some parts of the package but prices will be the same.


Pre-Wedding Photography + Videography- 1 x Photographer + Videographer- 1 x Assistant- 6 Hours Pre-Wedding Photo/Video shoot- 3 Locations- All Photos Colourized- 40 Selected Re-touched Photos- 2-3 Mins Pre-Wedding Video- All Deliverables in Soft Copy- Additional Re-touched Photos $40/photo- Additional Hours: $150/hr For Photography, $200/hr For Videography- Add on 11" 14" or 11" x 11" Flush Thick Art Paper Album $350/20 pages- Add on 20 inch by 30 inch Canvas Print $300