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$ 594.00


One Male/Female Emcee is needed on my dinner banquet held at Raffles Marina.


2018-09-06 22:35:34

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2018-10-06 23:59:59

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2018-09-18 02:21:59

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Linus Lee Your Wedding ShowmasterNot just a normal wedding emcee, Linus is a Wedding Showmaster. He desires to make your wedding different and unique. Linus will work his musical magic to create a special thematic wedding show through his show hosting with music, vocal, dance, magic, circus act and other add-on entertainments.With his years of experience, he will ensure the entire wedding is lively and entertaining with a purpose for you and your guests. Linus believes in not just the perfect weddings, but also long-lasting and happy marriages. Building a happy and healthy relationship is a continuous processIn his wedding show, Linus will bring the elements of a strong marriage to life. Through his hosting, games and performances, the significance of each element is revealed to the couple Linus hopes that as the couple start their new journey, these elements will stay as the cornerstone of their happy marriage for years to come. Package DetailsIn our Wedding Showmaster package, you will receive the following 1. Hosting the wedding event in English & Mandarin 2. Creation of a thematic wedding entertainment depending on the add-on packages3. Introduction of the Elements of a Strong Marriage in the wedding event4. Hosting of a stage game infusing the Elements of a Strong Marriage In addition, you will receive a complimentary Silver package of your selected theme. It will consist of the following:1. 3 vocal performances to the theme2. March–in music to the theme3. Event background music to the theme ( Sound system excluded) Wedding Theme Show Selection1. The Great Showmaster2. Step Back in Time 3. Endless Love 4. Fairytale Dream5. East Meets WestTop up to the Gold or Diamond package to add on dance, live band, magic and carnival clown entertainments to create a full Wedding Theme Show for your big day!