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Hi Vendors,  
I am looking for a wedding photographer!
Service type: Pre-wedding, solemnisation+actual day (same day)  
Duration:  5h pre-wedding, 10h actual day
Preferred styles: Bright, lifestyle
Kindly send me your quotations for the above stated.  
Thank you!


2019-01-23 11:30:49

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2019-02-22 23:59:59

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2019-01-23 12:42:40

9 vendors has bided.

Blissfulbrides Vendor Bid

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8hrs + 2 phgers + album You will receive a link to download the complete collection of digital imagesThe digital images that are given back to you are what we call good for print, meaning that these images should not need any further adjustments as the colour, brightness and contrast have all been tweaked so that your prints will look good.These digital files can be used to print up to A3 size.The link will be made ready for you 4-6 weeks after the photography date.


$ 4800.00 20.8% off

Package details: - Personal photographer & make-up artist- 3 Gowns and make-up & hair-do- Free accessories and false eyelash- Including the day Transportation- 20 Edit images - 14"R premium leather album- Canvas with Frame or Acrylic frame we have one day, tow days and three days packages.


4 hrs • 2 locations + album Pre-wedding Photography session has to be at least 3 months before your wedding date. All additional charges will apply


You can purchase optional A|P Wooden Keepsake Box to store your precious signature prints. You can have it personalised with your own text or photo. Create one at the recommended item below