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$ 694.00


Require both English & Chinese Bilingual.


2019-10-20 23:26:11

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2019-11-19 23:59:59

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2019-10-21 17:25:27

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More than an emcee, Linus is a Wedding Showmaster that produces a personalized wedding celebration for you with the following 6 creations: 1. A very lively & engaging celebration - Bilingual Wedding Hosting• With his years of wedding hosting, Linus can create the most lively and engaging wedding celebration for you2. An entertaining event for your guests - Live Vocal and Piano Performance• As a Jazz and Pop pianist and singer, Linus will perform his special music repertoire to create an entertaining wedding event for your guests3. A special thematic wedding celebration - A Wedding Theme Show • You get to create a special thematic wedding celebration with Linus as the Wedding Showmaster and his list of wedding entertainment. (See below for more details)4. A stress-free wedding celebration - Event Management • Have a stress free wedding celebration with Linus managing the whole wedding programme. You can thus spend quality time with your family, relatives, friends and guests 5. A musical wedding event - Music Arrangement for your Celebration• With Linus’s music background, he is able to arrange the best selection of music to bring out the most romantic or fun march-ins and a wonderful dining ambience. Sound system will be not included6. A wedding celebration with a purpose - Introduction of the Pillars of a Strong Marriage • Let your wedding be a special and purposeful celebration for you and your guests with Linus bringing across the "Pillars of a Strong Marriage" message throughout your event. More DetailsWedding Emcee• Bilingual hostingLive Entertainment• Vocal and piano performances• Wedding Showmaster will perform 8 songs in the event • Song choices will be according to the selected wedding show theme Creation of Wedding Theme Show• Creation of a thematic wedding entertainment depending on the add-on packages e.g music, vocal, dance, live band, magic and circus act Wedding Theme Shows Selection1. The Great Showmaster2. Step Back in Time3. Endless Love4. Fairytale Dream5. East Meets West Event Coordination• Coordination of programme for the wedding lunch or dinner celebrationMusic Arrangement• March–in music coordination• Event background music coordination• MP3 of music collection will be prepared for the event• The sound system will not be included• Background music will be played through the sound system from the event venue• Music will be according to the selected wedding show themePillars of a Strong Marriage• Introduction of the "Pillars of a Strong Marriage" in the wedding event • Stage game hosting infusing the "Pillars of a Strong Marriage" Do also check out our following for photos and videos: www.masterpiece.sgPls contact us further at enquiry@masterpiece.sg or 96684820.Contact us now!************************************ How to purchase?Step 1: Send a message to check on the availability of your wedding dateStep 2: Click “Pay Now”Step 3: Enter required details and upload invoiceStep 4: Under "Remarks", enter your full name, wedding date and email addressStep 5: Key in your card details in PayPal and complete paymentPrefer an express check-out?Step 1: Send a message to check on the availability of your wedding dateStep 2: Visit your preferred Premium Vendor's profile and click “Pay to Vendor”Step 3: Enter the required details and payment amountStep 4: Under "Remarks", enter your full name, wedding date and email addressStep 5: Key in your card details in PayPal and complete payment************************************ Terms and Conditions:Kindly send a message to check the availability of wedding date.Full payment is required to enjoy the exclusive deal


Host for the whole banquet lunch / dinner


The Convenience Package with Decoration for your wedding album display area!