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Hi Vendors,  
I am looking for wedding band/musicians!

Function: Wedding Dinner
Duration: 3-4hours
Special requests:  would be great if the singers can sing Chinese songs.
Kindly send me your quotations for the above stated.  
Thank you!


2020-02-29 10:18:30

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2020-03-30 23:59:59

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2020-03-02 10:36:48

4 vendors have bidded.

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1 singer + 1 guitar + 1 keyboard


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Engage a live band for us (minimum 2 sets) and save up to $250 for your package! Terms & Conditions:- Engagement duration for a minimum of 2 sets of 45mins of performance- Current promotion will not be allowed to be used in conjunction with other promotions unless otherwise stated- Valid from 18 July 2020 to 31 Dec 2020


Our jazz band package includes the following1. 3 sets of performance- Set 1 : 15mins (before march in) - Set 2 : 45 mins (after 1st march-in)- Set 3 : 30 mins (after 2nd march-in)2. All musical equipments included3. Sound systems excluded

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