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I'm looking towards a royal wedding theme, it'll be great if you could help me!


2017-09-03 09:01:41

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2017-11-30 23:59:59

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Key Ingredients:Organic Winter Cherry- Known as the “Indian Ginseng”, it assists in stress relief and possesses tonic properties.French Rose- The “Queen of Flowers” has been used for centuries to enhance skin radiance and induces calmness.Organic Garcinia Kokum- This fruit comes from the mangosteen family, and it influences your weight management and digestive health.Organic Lavender- An aromatic flower that has calming effects and boosts your appetite and mood.Prebiotic Corn Fibre- An important fibre that promotes a healthy digestive system by supporting good bacteria in your gut.


Key Ingredients:Fresh LemongrassA popular culinary ingredient with calming & digestive properties.New Zealand’s Manuka honeyThe nectar of the Manuka flower with anti-bacterial and healing properties.GingerKnown as the “Universal Remedy”, it eases indigestion, inflammation, and certain pain.GugguluAn ancient herb with anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate acne and skin issues.TurmericThe “Queen of Spices”, with potent antioxidants that improve memory and mood.


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A Treatment that provides a faster solution to localised fat reduction and drainage of fat cells and toxins Radio Frequency induces the damage to fat cells and stimulates collagen remodelling. Targets localised fat reduction and tightens loose skin.Benefits:-Non-invasive cellulite & fat treatment-Creates skin tightening-Improves & reduces the cellulite appearance-Prevents formation of localised fat-Improves body firming and contouring-Promotes blood circulation & lymphatic drainage5 Sessions -$750 (40mins per session)