Xetract: Custom Skin Elixirs

When it’s time for our skincare shopping, us ladies are blessed (or cursed?) with the choice of multitude of brands and lines of products. Chances are we face the dilemma of selecting products for our several skin concerns. Should we get the one that hydrates or the one for my acne scars and spots or oh, the other one for radiant skin?


With ingredients from all over the globe like Japan, Switzerland and Germany the level of personalisation with these 12 Xetract bottles is great and you can surely find one that helps. As petite as they seem, these bottles of botanical beauty elixirs are potent and effective. Just 2-3 drops is sufficient for the entire face. Use Xetract alone or as an addition to your serum, it seamlessly fits into your current skincare regime.


Known for their pure ingredients, Mt. Sapola’s line of skincare Xetracts delivers the solution for your multiple skincare needs. Xetract also just massively upgraded their bottles, previously from 5ml to 15 ml.

Pick your vice. For hydration, choose Hyaluronic Acid Xetract ($35.90), their star product. Sourced from the land of the rising sun, hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times their weight and this will ensure your skin is aptly hydrated from within.

For those pesky dark spots and scars, get the Arbutin Xetract ($38.90) that impedes melanin production. Melanin occurs naturally, in our hair and irises. However, when there are skin inflammations like acne, our skin would produce an excess of it and thus forming dark spots.

Also, if you wish to start your anti-aging routine, try their Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate Xetract ($35.90), it nourishes, encourages growth and prevents the deterioration of anti-oxidants.


Of course, these are not just it. Find out more at http://www.xetract.com.

Now available at all Mt. Sapola stores island-wide.

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