Love, Actually...

There are more similarities than meets the eye for this pair besides their lanky physique and good looks. Paige Chua and Elvin Ng surprised June Wong with their unanimous views on love and marriage.

This leggy pair not only makes a handsome looking couple, conversations with them have revealed how surprisingly similar their perceptions on life and love are.

Having known each other for a while, can you reveal some lesser-known things about each other?

P: Elvin’s very childlike. When I first entered the industry, he was already one of the leading men and I thought he’d be quite matured. Then, I got to know him – everything he said amused me so much, and I find it quite endearing. 

E: This might be quite apparent to many people but I still want to say that she has a heart of gold. One can feel her generosity and humanity in the way she goes about her work and life in general. 

P: I learnt it from practising yoga. It teaches you to be a better person. So please do yoga, everyone. 

E: I suddenly remembered something very funny which happened during the charity show. She had to do a seductive dance and she wanted to feel sexy. So I gave her some red wine. She drank a glass and said again that she wanted to feel sexy. That’s Paige being professional about her work.

P: It’s something I was uncomfortable doing but I wanted to prove that I can do it. Elvin’s actually quite other-worldly. When you talk to people you’re unfamiliar with, you’ll usually be talking about ordinary things. But he’ll give you insights about how he feels and he tells you details of his journey, which I think is quite cool.

Can you share your experiences as a groomsman or bridesmaid?

E: I’ve never been one before. I actually feel uncomfortable doing it. I’ve only been the little boy who helped to open the bridal car door. But I always cry at weddings, which I hate. I guess I do it because it’s beautiful and magical. 

P: I do too. I was an emcee at my friend’s wedding and I started crying the moment she walked in. I know people say the wedding is only a one-day affair and there are so many challenges to work out after that. But the commitment you see when they announce to the whole world that they want to be with this person for life is just so beautiful.  

Sub-head: Have your parents' relationships affected your view on marriage?
E: It did for sure. When my dad was around, they were very loving. There’re arguments as well which made their marriage so real, yet I know they will go through thick and thin together. 

P: There’re ups and downs but my parents are always together. It’s so difficult to love somebody, all the more when so you know that as mortals you can’t be together forever. 

Which aspect of the wedding is most significant to you?

P: For me, it’ll be the exchange of vows.

E: I like it when the couple speaks about their own real experiences at the wedding dinner. I like that it’s so personal, and not part of a ritual.

What aspects will you be looking for in a life partner?

P: Compassion is something I look for, the ability to let go of yourself and to start giving. I’d want to practise it myself as well. When I was working on The Activist’s Journey in Nepal, we interviewed this blind activist who was in charge of Himalayan Education And Development (Head) Nepal, which is a blind mobile school. They call him the Blind Hero. I spent three days at the village and was totally in love with him. We’re still in contact and I donate to the school every year. I realised that you can love that person for what he envisions and what his causes are. 

E: I’d like my life partner to be compassionate and kind-hearted. There’s also something so beautiful about a person who is passionate about what she does, believes so much in that thing and lives it, and not just being what the world wants you to be. 

Can you share with us about some love lessons you've learnt?

P: I’m still learning. I think I want to work on learning how to love unconditionally, without expecting anything. 

E: It’s not easy, especially when two people operate on two different levels. There needs to be both compromise and tolerance. The whole experience of it is love itself. 

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