New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

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New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

Ready to welcome the new year with all-new adventures? Explore, discover and experience the treasure trove of adventure, beauty and culture when you visit the African continent!

In creating exciting escapades and unforgettable memories, we’ve teamed up with Insight Vacations to provide you with three must-visit African countries in 2019.

Enchanting Egypt

New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

Take a trip to Egypt and visit the famed Great Pyramids of Giza! With your Egyptologist, meet the enigmatic Sphinx and venture deep inside one of the pyramids, to the chambers where the pharaohs went to meet their Gods in the afterlife. In the evening, enjoy the impressive sound and light show on the grounds of the Great Pyramids that will take you into to the world of ancient Egypt.

New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

Known for more than its pyramids, join Insight Vacations on a 9-day Wonders of Egypt journey to discover this exotic destination.

Cruise down the Nile river in style and visit Luxor Temple, Temple of Hatshepsut and Valley of the Kings, where many pharaohs were buried.The impressive tombs and temples are just some of the treasures of the ancient land of the Pharaohs that await you.

Declare your undying love at the Abu Simbel temples, two large temples carved in the rock at the side of the mountain. They were built by Pharaoh Ramses II, where he constructed a temple for his favourite wife Nefertari beside his own monumental temple.

Go one step beyond learning about the life of Egyptians and experience Egypt like a local with a night of fun and food and when you attend a galabeya party in the traditional local attire, galabeya. Back in Cairo you will stay at the luxurious Cairo Marriott Hotel located right in the city centre and you have free time to explore the city before you head back home.

Majestic Morocco

New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

A country of dazzling diversity, Morocco is a destination that will capture your heart and imagination. From deserts and ancient cities to snow-capped mountains and mouth-watering cuisines, embark on a cultural journey that is mix of Islamic, Arabic and African influences.Traverse through the old-world wonders of the capital city of Rabat and explore the magnificence of the royal heritage.

Delve into the cultural heart of Morocco and indulge in an array of authentic experiences in an ancient palace as you soak in the carnival-like setting of belly-dancers, drums, Moroccan music and traditional folklore show – all the while feasting on enticing local dishes. You will have a unique option to spend a night in Fes staying in a Riad, a traditional Moroccan house. Riads were originally noble homes usually located in a labyrinth of streets in the old city (Medina). Many personal insights are provided on this tour where you will learn about the ancient craft of carpet knotting, visit a leather tannery workshop, witness local artisans create pottery and also see how the locals bake khobz, the traditional local bread.

Complete your honeymoon of new adventures and meet the nomadic desert dwellers as you drive into the sunset of the majestic Sahara or explore the Film Capital of Morocco, Ouarzazate, where movies and shows like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Star Wars and Game of Thrones were shot. Insight Vacations’ 10-day Best of Morocco offers stylish accommodation throughout your journey and is a perfect choice for you to start your new year adventure with your beloved.


New Year, New Adventures: Exotic African Countries to Visit in 2019

Welcome to a land rich in Arab culture, natural wonders and sites so ancient that by comparison, the Crusader forts guarding the old trade routes are considered recent additions.

A country of fertile valleys, colourful rock formations and the lowest spot on Earth - the Dead Sea, Jordan is brimming with adventures, scenic sights and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. As with the other African destinations, venture back 2,000 years as you explore Jerash, the finest surviving Greco-Roman city in the world. Soak in the beautiful ancient ruins of the Temple of Artemis and Zeus or the majestic Oval Plaza.

Travel on to Petra, the “red-rose” city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Wind through the passageways and marvel at the size of the city, the Treasury, the Roman Amphitheater and ancient tombs - all of which were carved into the red-rose limestone.

As you head on to the heart of Wadi Rum—a protected desert wilderness—on a jeep safari, feast your eyes on the majestic scenery before you dine with the locals under a blanket of stars in the desert camp - an experience not to be missed. Jordan Experience is a 7-day journey that also introduces you to a more meaningful way to travel. Guests on this trip have the incredible opportunity to visit the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative to experience firsthand the preservation of local heritage

Travel is not just about going to incredible places, it's about connecting with the places in an authentic way. With Insight Vacations, travellers will stay in style at highly rated hotels located near main attractions. Or, if you’re off the beaten track, you'll be treated to stunning picturesque surroundings from mountain panoramas to ocean views.

Discover the most desired destinations in North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean while leaving the planning and logistics to the experts. You won't have to worry about porterage, and tips and hotels and restaurants. In fact, your journey will be so seamlessly organised that you don’t even have to worry about bringing your luggage up to your hotel room!

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