Buying A Resale Flat - The Process and Considerations

Buying a resale flat - the process and considerations

Buying your first property together as a couple is a big decision to make and should be made carefully after considerable thought and weighing your options. This is especially so if you are considering to purchase a resale flat.

Deciding on a resale flat can be a bit more complicated as compared to BTOs or ECs in terms of ensuring you get your money’s worth. There are a few more things to consider on top of the usual factors.


Before purchasing a resale flat, you will be going on several viewings of the flat to have a better idea and understanding if the flat is what you are looking for.

During these viewings, there are some factors to look out for to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth for the flat.

Water Pressure and Leaking problems from the level above 

Remember to check the water pressure for the showers and taps around the house.This will give you a better understanding on what the pressure will be like, if it suits your preference and it will give you the chance to find out if anything can be done about it if it is not up to your preference.

It is also important to take note of leakages as you wouldn’t want to start a new chapter of your life with immediate problems. Not only is it unreasonable for you to purchase a house that comes with problems like this, but it will also add on to your expenses if you choose to get it fixed after purchasing the house.

If the house you are viewing has this issue, you should can either pass it up and look at another flat or take the time to clarify with your agent and/or the house-owner if they will be getting it fixed without your expense. 

Cracks on the walls and/or flooring 

Cracks on the floors and walls will potentially cause more problems for you in the future. Not only will act as an additional expense for you if you decide to purchase the flat, but it might also be potentially unsafe if nothing is done to rectify this. Just like the point above, address this issue with your agent and/or the house owner before committing to the house.

Position of flat 

Though this might not seem like an important factor, the position of your flat in relation to the sun is one of the many factors flat-buyers consider. The position of your flat and the sun will affect your daily life with regards to the temperature of your flat.

Most flat-buyers tend to avoid purchasing flats that are affected by the “West Sun”. This refers to your flat facing or being impacted by the sunset. Buyers usually avoid this as heat will be trapped in your flat during the sunset which will then increase your flat’s temperature through the evening, making it very uncomfortable for you.

Surrounding neighbourhood and amenities

Being satisfied with your flat is important, but it is equally important your flat is located in a convenient and beneficial area. As houses are a usually a long-term purchase, you should ensure that you will be comfortable living where the flat is located. Having amenities such as MRT stations, bus stops, hawker centers and even schools close by will make life in your new flat more convenient and it might be beneficial for you if you are looking to start your family here as well.


If you come across a flat that you and your partner are in love with, don’t rush into committing to it financially just yet! 

You will still have to dig a bit deeper in finding out more about the flat. Some questions to ask and factors to take note of are: 

  1. Remaining lease of the flat 
  2. Ethnic quota 
  3. Extension of stay for the house seller 
  4. Value of district PSF (per square foot) of the flat 
  5. Past transacted price of the flat 

Knowing the answers to these questions are important as it will give you a better and more realistic understanding on your chances of getting the flat as well as give you a gauge on how much you can expect to pay for the flat. 

If you’re certain of purchasing your flat, you can start committing to it financially. Firstly, you will have to pay a $1,000 in exchange of the option to purchase from the seller. You will then have 21 days to exercise that option as well as pay $4,000. From here, you will have another 6-8 weeks to complete the sales and depending on the HDB appointment date, the flat will then be yours. 

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