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Touted for their weight-loss effects and endorsed by celebs, teatoxes are gaining popularity amongst busy brides as a holistic remedy. Liquid diets are no stranger controversy as solely consuming drinks for daily energy and nutrients tends to do more harm than good. A teatox (tea detox) acts as an additional supplement to your existing meal as you can still choose what you want to eat, while still retaining the advantages of a traditional detox. But, can a few cups of leaf-infused water truly be that effective? 

SUBHEAD: “Drinking teatox beverages without making any changes to your current lifestyle or diet will reap its benefits.”

False.If you desire a svelte and toned figure, you will still need to eat healthily and be disciplined in establishing a weekly exercise schedule. This also means cutting your sugar intake and staying away from junk foods. Remember the golden rule of weight loss, which is to burn more calories than you consume.

“Teatoxes will help you lose weight and gain a slimmer figure.”

True. The components of teatoxes combine to have a substantial appetite suppressant effect. Our modern diet is saturated with refined carbohydrates and lack sufficient amounts of protein or fibre. We choose cheap and easy instant options and dine in restaurants and hawker centres. This causes us to feel hungry faster and more often. With teatox, we can subdue these unhealthy hunger pangs and get by with less food without sacrificing comfort or health. 

On top of that, we may experience increased metabolism through the thermogenic nature of certain teas, which simultaneously burns and decreases fat storage. Green tea is especially famed for this quality, and has the backing of scientific studies to prove it.

Nevertheless, be careful not to mistake water weight for fat mass when you notice the kilos disappearing on the bathroom scale. Caffeine and diuretics, as well as natural ingredients that double up as laxatives, can considerably deplete your body’s fluids.

“It is completely safe as the blends are made from all-natural ingredients.”

False. “Natural” does not equate to “wholesome”, as many of us might blithely assume. Just like eating foods in moderation, we also need to drink our teas judiciously. You’ll be surprised to hear that some herbs commonly used in the tea mixtures can produce toxic effects.

Senna is a laxative that frequently pops up. Taken over an extended period of time, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration. It can result in electrolyte imbalances and illicit muscle spasms or heart rhythm anomalies.

Caffeine and guarana gives energy boost, but can interfere with sleeping patterns causing sleeping deficiency.This will possibly lead to weight gain through excessive eating and slow metabolism – defeating the whole purpose of a teatox. 

Other things to avoid in large quantities are bitter orange – a contributor of heart attack deaths, Siberian ginseng – affiliated with blood-related conditions, and seaweed varieties that are rich in iodine – that can lead to hyperthyroidism.

If you are on medications, check with your doctor if the teatox you are planning to take will affect them. For example, some tea medleys can hamper the effectiveness of birth control pills. Another important note is to discontinue the teatox diet after 28 days.

“A teatox will improve your overall health.”

True. At the end of the day, even the sceptics cannot deny the health benefits of teatoxes. Herbal teas generally have a very positive impact on your system. They can aid digestion by speeding up waste removal from the colon and calm a bloated stomach. Plus, flushing out toxins by boosting liver enzymes and improving your immunity.

The Big Question

Is teatoxing a wedding-worthy investment? If done correctly, while paying heed to the right precautions, the benefits are astounding. See it as a little much-needed TLC for your wellbeing. It may not result in a supermodel bod but you will most definitely be able to enjoy your special day while looking – and feeling – absolutely radiant and energised.

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