4 tips to maintaining a work-life balance

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4 tips to maintaining a work-life balance

The thought of having to balance both marriage and career may seem overwhelming, especially if you are used to working long hours or bringing work home. However, now that you’re married, this has to change.

As dedicated as you are to your career, you have to be just as dedicated to making your marriage work. Constantly bringing work home or working late may impact your married life negatively. Which is why maintaining a work-life balance is crucial to every individual, whether or not you are married or are getting there.

A work-life balance can also improve your overall productivity and happiness to a certain extent. Because both of these aspects are important and valued, being able to balance them will prevent or minimise any avoidable pressure from either your spouse, colleagues or boss.

Remember, when it comes to having a work-life balance, it doesn’t mean that you are compromising one for the other, but rather you are working to give each equal importance and effort.

Here are four ways to achieve a work-life balance.

Plan your time

If you do not have the habit of planning your time at work, it’s time to start. Planning your time and daily to-dos will allow you to maximise your productivity and make the most of your working hours. This way you can finish all that you need to for the day without having to work over-time or bring work home in addition to the long hours.

Reduce personal time at work

One aspect of maximising your time at work is by reducing personal time at work. While sending a short text or two isn’t a crime, it’s not advised to go the whole day sneaking in personal time texting your spouse. Not only will this be distracting—which can affect your work efficiency—but the time spent on this can be channelled towards work instead, allowing you to focus and complete your tasks promptly.

Be present (with your spouse)

Once you leave your office or work venue, try your best to leave your workload behind as well. When with your spouse, be in the moment with him/her instead of having your mind on work and what is left to be done.

If both of you are working individuals, the only time you have with each other is after working hours. Should you continue to focus on work, the quality couple time both of you have left with each other will be severely limited and will eventually affect your relationship.

Set boundaries 

Set personal boundaries with your colleagues and clients as much as possible. Ensure that they are aware of this change and you should stick to it as much as possible. If you are used to replying emails after work-hours, make it a habit to stop doing that, unless on urgent basis; and soon or later, your colleagues will get the idea as well. Not only will this better allow you to be present with your spouse, but it will also enable you to disconnect from work for the day and focus on yourself and your spouse.

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