4 Ways to Dealing with a Momzilla

4 Ways to Dealing with a Momzilla

They may have your best interests at heart, but Momzillas can be challenging to handle. You won’t want any tension during this stressful period, so ensure that there is always open communication between you two. Read on for tips on how to sail the parental seas when planning your wedding! 

Setting Boundaries

Set clear boundaries on what is acceptable and requires discussion. One way of doing so is by making it clear that you are ultimately the decision maker and that your mothers should go through their ideas with you and not head straight to the wedding planner or your bridal studio in Singapore

Be Open About the Budget

When it comes to weddings, it is natural to have different priorities from that of your mothers. While you may wish to splurge on wedding blooms, they may prefer extending the guest list. Spend some time discussing with your fiance about how much you both are willing to spend, especially on aspects including  outdoor wedding venue or the rental ball gown. Once you’ve got the financial blueprint drawn out, it’s time to call a family meeting and start planning proper.

Delegate Tasks

4 Ways to Dealing with a Momzilla

It is much more efficient delegating the entirety of an area, such as the pre-wedding photoshoot or hotel wedding dinner, to her. This speeds up the process and prevents any potential clashes, as you both get to enjoy full autonomy on your assigned tasks. Just make sure she understands your wedding aesthetics before starting!

Iron the Details

4 Ways to Dealing with a Momzilla

Closer to the actual day, it may be helpful to hold fortnightly discussions on how the planning is coming along. This way, you get to keep track of what is going on, and steer things back on track before it is too late. Otherwise, it will also be a good time to have a bonding session and catch up with your mum over a few drinks. Wedding planning can take up a huge chunk of your time, remember to make time for family and friends regularly! 

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