5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

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If you’ve just received the good news that you’ll be carrying a little one soon, here’s wishing you a big congratulations! Becoming a mother is such a significant milestone that’s worth popping the streamers. What's more, introducing new life is all so exciting because it means you’ll be moving onto a new chapter in your life: parenthood.

While motherhood is very rewarding, it also comes with its own fair share of challenges. Especially for first-time expecting moms, pregnancy can be a frightening and worrisome experience. From morning sickness to skincare woes, you’ll be experiencing a lot of bodily changes over the course of the nine months.

However, the challenges of pregnancy shouldn’t be a reason to stop taking care of yourself – and that includes your skin! Generally, women experience significant skin changes during pregnancy, including stretch marks, acne breakouts, and chloasma (dark patches on the skin). For this reason, it’s more important than ever to care for your skin, just as much as you’re caring for your growing baby.

To help with offering you that ‘glo-up’ during this challenging period, use these quick tips to craft your pregnancy-safe skincare routine!

1. Moisturize more frequently

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

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Moisturizers are one of the most essential products that should sit at the top of your regular and pregnancy skin care regimen! This is to avoid dry or oily skin, which pregnant women are more susceptible to.

During pregnancy, it’s vital to nourish your skin and load up on moisturizers to steer away from stretch marks, reduce the itchiness of your stomach, and soothe your dry skin that has been caused by pregnancy. Make it a routine: when you wake and when you’re about to hit the sheets, don’t forget to apply moisturizer all over your body, ensuring you cover your knees, elbows and chest areas.

2. Never forget sunscreen

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

As your young one grows, so do you! In your case, the bump that signals your growing child gets bigger over time. As such, the pressure is on your skin: as it stretches and your hormone levels rise, your skin becomes more sensitive and burns more easily in the sun.

With that, it’s especially crucial to slather sunscreen on and feed your skin well during pregnancy. For that extra protection, each time you step out, consider putting on a hat or sunglasses as well. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also recommends sunscreen that contains the natural minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

3. Stay away from creams containing retinoids and isotretinoin

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

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As you’re carrying your young one, it’s important to be more cautious and mindful of what you include in your skincare routine! For instance, night repair creams and other anti-acne treatments typically contain retinoids (a type of vitamin A) and isotretinoin as part of their ingredient list. Although these materials might be effective in offering glowing acne-free skin, they can pose harm during pregnancy.

The use of retinoids and isotretinoin during pregnancy are said to cause potential birth defects. While there is no conclusive research to prove the effects on the child, many doctors recommend staying away from products containing these ingredients to protect both the mum and the child.

4. Add vitamin C to your skincare routine and diet

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

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Vitamin C is an important nutrient that brings about a healthy immune system and is especially helpful during pregnancy. It’s a plus for both yourself and the baby, offering tissue repair and aiding in bone development for your little one. As such, be sure to stock up on vitamin C, whether it’s in the form of fruits like oranges or supplements!

Aside from eating vitamin-rich foods, look into adding vitamin C serums to your skincare routine. Let your skin continue to radiate with this rich vitamin that improves your iron-absorption rate and production of collagen.

5. Keep yourself well-hydrated

5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

More than the usual seven to eight glasses of water a day, pregnant women need more water for various reasons! To produce more blood, build new tissues, form the amniotic fluid, and flush out toxins – watering yourself down is absolutely necessary when carrying a baby.

What is, then, the recommended number of glasses to down in a day? Typically, drinking about eight to twelve glasses of water would be good. The benefits extend past the pregnancy period: well-hydrated skin can stretch better and ease the delivery process that is due in the months to come!


5 Beauty Tips to Follow for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

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For the new mothers out there, we’re thrilled for you to embark on this beautiful chapter that you’ll share with your newborn. Even as you experience bodily changes, these changes will be pale in comparison to the bliss of motherhood! To hold onto that ‘pregnancy glow’ as a new Mum, be sure to bear the above tips in mind to successfully steer away from any skin-related side effects of pregnancy.

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