5 Unique Ways to Recite Your Wedding Vows

The vow exchange is a significant part of the wedding – whether you choose to craft yours or to go with the traditional vows. But what makes a good wedding vow? In addition to focusing on its content, the delivery is as important. From writing a letter to singing your heartfelt thoughts, here are 5 unique ways to exchange your vows with.

Write a Letter 

5 Unique Ways to Recite Your Wedding Vows

Instead of reading out your vows, write a letter for your spouse and have him/her read before the ceremony! Perfect for brides/grooms who are not the most expressive, writing a letter also allows you to better craft and convey your heartfelt thoughts to your significant other, as compared to reciting them in front of a crowd. 


5 Unique Ways to Recite Your Wedding VowsSource: Intimate Weddings

Do you and your significant love music? Or does music play a big part in your relationship? In that case, go ahead and break out into a song during the reception! Not only is this a thoughtful gesture, it will make your wedding memorable and definitely the talk of the town. 


Looking to really make an impression? Surprise your significant other and guests by rapping your vows! However, be sure to have ample practice for the perfect delivery!

5 Unique Ways to Recite Your Wedding Vows

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Unleash your creativity and artistic abilities by painting your vows. If your spouse is an art enthusiast, they will definitely appreciate the effort that you took to have your vows made into a tangible and admirable piece. The best part? It can be displayed in your home and serve as a constant reminder of your promises. 

Create a Video Montage 

If expressing your love and affection through words isn’t your forte, you can always express it through other mediums like through a video or movie. There are various ways for you to do this, from a simple voice-over of you reciting your vows over a series of images or going all out with a full-on production. Either way, it will be a touching surprise for your spouse to keep beyond the wedding day.

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