How to Surprise your Partner with an Engagement Ring

How to Surprise your Partner with an Engagement Ring

You’ve been dating for a while now, and both of you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Soon, you are going to propose to your lady with the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ However, such words are usually accompanied by an engagement ring. So you visit a jewellery store and get the best ring you can find based on your lady’s preferences and budget.

An engagement ring is a sign of your love and affection. While the act of proposing to your lady accompanied by a ring is filled with romance, you want to present the ring in a unique way to create unforgettable memories. Remember, how you present a ring greatly influences how the recipient is going to react to it. As such, a creative presentation is likely to induce a happier response from your girlfriend all thanks to the surprise factor.

So what are some of the ways to go about it? 

Hide it in chocolates

Do it the old-fashioned way! If your lady loves chocolates, buy a box of her favourite chocolate, ideally heart-shaped. Replace one of the chocolates in the box with the engagement ring. Then, wrap the box beautifully and use a fancy bow to tie around it. When your partner opens the chocolate box, she will be amazed at both the sight of the ring and your efforts in surprising her.

A stroll on the beach

For those who reside near the beaches, go shell-collecting with your partner on a sunny day. Prior to that, purchase a small jewellery box and place the engagement ring in it. As your partner is searching for shells, quickly drop the box on the sand and react loudly in joy as though you’ve seen something extraordinary. Pick it up and give it to her and when she opens the box, she will find the ring nuzzled inside much to her surprise. Sounds dramatic? It works!


For avid readers, this could make a unique way of presenting the diamond ring. Buy the latest best seller book written by your partner’s favourite writer. Place the ring in one of the first few pages of the book. Give the book to your lady just before bedtime; and get her to read the first few pages. Just when she opens it, the ring will fall out as if out of magic!

Nature trail

For nature lovers, nothing rivals the romantic nature of a hillside soaked in the colours of the sunset or the serenity of a star-filled sky. While sitting together and apparently lost in the amazing splendour of nature, softly slip in the box housing the ring into her hands. She will surely be delighted!

Make it classy

Take your girlfriend out to a nice restaurant. While she is savouring the bright chandeliers, the elegant décor and the live music performance at the restaurant, ask the waiter to serve you the chef’s special which in this case will be the engagement ring covered with a plate. There’s a reason why you often see this move in the movies!

Breakfast in bed

We all love breakfast in bed, don’t we? Prepare a breakfast tray for your partner with scrambled eggs, toast, and juice or yoghurt. Include the engagement ring as part of the breakfast menu but have it covered in a small plate. Your lady will be happy seeing you serve her breakfast in bed. Wait till she opens the covered plate and sees the ring. You can expect a few kisses and hugs afterwards!

With a little bit of creativity, you can make the act of presenting the ring almost as pleasing as the ring itself. Because diamond engagement rings are such precious gifts, it’s worth thinking outside the box to create a memorable experience.

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