5 Ways to Dress Your Dog on Your Big Day

For pet owners, a wedding is never complete without their beloved fur kids by their side. It’s only natural for you to include your pet on your big day, so we’ve devised a list of ways to dress your adorable pooches so they can join in on all the wedding day fun! Adding the paw-fect touch to your special day, get ready to burst from a cuteness overload with these charming fashions for your furry friends.

For the Formal Party

If you’re having a formal wedding, we can assure your best fur-man will look ridiculously dapper in his very own tux and tail. What is even more amazing is you can easily order your pup’s own custom-made tux from Etsy.

A Floral Affair

Image source: https://www.brit.co/wedding-wreaths/

Greens and flowers are the perfect way to compliment the style of your big day — make your own floral garland with this easy DIY!

Befitting of Kings and Queens

Image source: https://disfrutandoconlospreparativos.wordpress.com/tag/perros-en-bodas/

What better way to celebrate the majesty of a wedding than to crown your canine counterparts with this easy how-to? If not that, you could also easily request for your florist to put together a gorgeous corsage for your pooch.

Man’s Best Friend

If you’re thinking, “Isn’t this a lil bit over the top?”, fret not, for a simple way of dressing up your pup for your big day is to have him put on a simple bowtie! Easily available everywhere on the internet or at your nearest pet store, this preppy addition will have your guests aww-ing with cuteness.

Feeling fancy

Flowers, leaves and little buds may make a pretty crown, but pearls are a pup’s best friend (okay, maybe not). Adorn your pooch with a faux pearl necklace and bedazzle your guests with your pup-princess’ presence.

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