6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

When thinking about maternity clothes, what comes to your mind might be plain, dreary and loose clothing to suit the changing body of a mother-to-be during pregnancy. But, in recent years, maternity fashion has changed and even blossomed! Instead of the typical oversized dresses, there are now more and more flared baby doll dresses, cute flowy blouses and even jeans for new mums.

While there is a broad selection presented today, trendy pregnancy attire has also made us spoilt for choice. Purchasing everything charming off the shelf can be an unnecessary move for many new mums. To get those of you who are expecting started, here are a couple of handy tips as you navigate your existing wardrobe and the maternity department!

Check your current closet 

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

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While your body is indeed undergoing major changes to welcome your little one, you might not necessarily need to swap out your entire wardrobe to accommodate this next beautiful stage of your life! Especially in the first few months, you might find some loose-fitting dresses and tops that can do the trick.

Taking stock of the pieces that you currently have is not just a wallet-friendly choice but an eco-friendly one as well! If it's your first pregnancy, the growth of your tummy would probably not show in the first few weeks or even months – giving you more time to sort out the wardrobe department. When the bump (that represents the growth of your sweet newborn) gets a little larger, then it's time to hit the racks in maternity stores.

Consider its practicality 

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

Before you add all those pretty maternity dresses to your shopping cart, stop to think if you might need them! Impulse buying can be dangerous as you get lost in the latest maternity trends and wear. As you approach the counter or checkout page, consider the occasions where you might wear the pieces.

Pause to ask yourself: what activities will you be doing over the next couple of months? If you are working from home throughout your pregnancy, those fancy dresses may end up sitting in your closet till your subsequent pregnancy. Instead, perhaps some stretchy leggings and oversized tops will do. If you’re scheduled to attend social events or intimate dinner parties, perhaps a gorgeous maternity dress or two will be sufficient!

While these questions can apply across all shopping experiences, it’s especially crucial for maternity fashion, as you are likely only to wear them for nine months or less. Buying a few key pieces you see yourself wearing on most days is sure to be ideal.

Don't forget the inner garments!

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

Apart from outer appearances, getting the correct undergarments is essential in your maternity wardrobe. In fact, you might find yourself requiring different types of undergarments at each meaningful stage of the pregnancy. With that, we’ve broken down what you'd probably need at each stage. But, the list is not fixed and can be customised to your needs!

In your first trimester, go for comfortable styles. Soft and stretchy fabrics that can support the changes in your body are factors to consider. Keep in mind that your cup size could go up as much as three sizes, so go for non-wired styles if you can! Well-designed nursing bras with flexible wires and more hooks could provide the support you need during the three to eight months mark. In the final two months, your ribcage will likely be at its widest. However, right after, your ribcage will go down drastically. At this point, go for a smaller band size but larger cup size to prepare for breastfeeding.

Go minimal

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

While yes, it’s adorable to wear that flouncy, ruffled dress you saw in the store but, it’s probably best not to make the mistake of filling your entire maternity wardrobe with those! There will be times that call for the basics. Keeping your wardrobe simple is the golden rule, as you can always have the option to dress up or down. Some of the essentials you might want to stick to will be stretchy leggings, maternity jeans for every occasion, flowy blouses and a few stretchy tank tops.

Good shoes take you to great places

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

Trust us; your feet will need good support when carrying an extra load in your midsection. For some women, their feet will also swell up due to water retention, especially during the final stages of their pregnancy. As such, it isn't really about looking good at this point, but picking a comfortable pair that you can wear everywhere. Find a pair that has support and is anti-slip – sneakers that are a size larger than your usual can be an excellent choice.

Why not shop for pre-loved items?

6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

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If you don’t see yourself getting pregnant again anytime soon, second-hand maternity clothes are a brilliant way to save on cash. Instead of spending on new maternity dresses, why not look around in thrift stores and see if they have suitable items that match your style? You might be surprised at the offerings, as many mothers will try to sell off their maternity wear, no matter how gorgeous, as they won't need them anymore.

Worried about the condition of these items? Chances are, they have only been worn for a few months, some even less. So these clothes might be of better quality than you think. If you look at it this way, shopping for thrifts can turn out to be a bargain. It also offers you an added advantage: you can direct the money saved to get the baby supplies you need later.


6 Things To Bear In Mind When Shopping For Maternity Clothes

Even when you are pregnant, it is understandable that you’ll still want to look your best. But comfort should always be a priority, and the most important thing would be to soak in your pregnancy journey. Instead of breaking a sweat over maternity wear, it’s time to wear that pregnancy glow with confidence and bliss!

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