7 Types Of People To Cross Off Your Guestlist

7 Types Of People To Cross Off Your Guestlist

Wedding planning can be all fun, until it’s time to decide who will be sharing the joy with you. With two sets of families, friends and colleagues to think about, the names of people might grow faster than anticipated. 

Deciding on who should remain on the list and who to remove can be a tiring and stressful process. However, if you’d like to limit your wedding guests to those closest and dearest, without having to invite the whole kampong, here are seven types of people you can consider excluding off your list. 

Very extended family members 

Your wedding is not a family reunion. It’s a celebration of your union with the love of your life with people the both of you value. If you haven’t spoken to certain family members over extended periods of time, don’t feel obligated to invite them. 

Long-lost friends 

We tend to lose contact with even the closest of friends and while you might want to fix those friendships by inviting them to your wedding. But this isn’t the best way to do it. You might be too busy to speak to them beyond a “hello”. Though you might have good intentions, these group of people aren’t the best to include on your guest list. 

Obligatory friends or relatives 

If you’re worried about inviting those that invited you to their wedding, worry no more. There is no obligation to invite them just because you were invited to theirs, unless of course they are still close friends or relatives. 


Living in close proximity to these group of people does not assure them a seat in your wedding. Unless your relationship with them goes beyond the polite greetings, you should not feel obligated to invite them to your wedding. Chances are, they might find it awkward to attend an event where they only know your family, that too on a surface level. 

7 Types Of People To Cross Off Your Guestlist

Strictly work friends

Like your neighbours, your colleagues don’t get a free pass to your wedding just because you see them on the daily, especially if the relationship does not extend beyond office hours. However, if you do consider your colleagues your friends, you should definitely add them to your guest list. Otherwise, hold a mini-celebration on a separate day as an alternative. 


You don’t have to provide all your guests with a plus-one, especially if you’ve never met or heard of them before. As much as you would like your guests to be happy and comfortable, you wouldn’t want a near stranger to be at such a momentous event. 

The dramatic ones 

If friends or family have a reputation for stirring tension (especially with alcohol involved), you might want to reconsider inviting them over for your wedding. No one wants their wedding to be associated with arguments or a family feud. However, if it is absolutely necessary for them to be invited, take the time to have a conversation with them about their behaviour before your wedding . You may also want to assign some guests or your bridal party members to keep an eye on these guests. 

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