8 Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

While there are some who look forward to planning out their wedding day, there are others who love what comes after the big day – the honeymoon! With so many options available around the world, trying to figure out where to go can be a bit daunting. Whether you and your new spouse are seeking an adventure or looking for something laid-back, we’ve picked out the best places to honeymoon.

8 Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

The Beach Bums
When it comes to lovers of the sand and sea, the importance of being in close proximity to the best of what nature has to offer holds paramount importance for these type of couples. 

1) South Ari Atoll, Maldives 
With more than 1,000 islands available, Maldives is blessed with crystal clear waters and picturesque sunsets. From its over-the-water bungalows to its white sandy beaches, this island retreat is the stuff of dreams. Couples can go for a stroll along the beautiful coastline of the island and dive into the waters to observe the preserved aquatic life.

2) Bali, Indonesia
A favourite destination amongst many couples around the world, Bali has become synonymous with the term “Heaven on Earth” – and it is no surprise how the Indonesian island got its title. From its breathtaking historical temples to its rolling hills and vibrant art scene, this island has a little something for everyone. In terms of accommodation, couples can opt for its sprawling beaches or private jungle bungalows while on their honeymoon.

8 Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

The Road Trippers
There are those who go on “holidays” and those who “travel”. Many couples who love being on the road would agree that one of the best ways to truly experience a place is to actually drive along its roads to best experience living life like a “local”.

3) California, USA
If there is one thing the USA is known for, it’s their endless roads that bring you to far away lands. If you and your partner are looking for an American adventure, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway along the state of California to see famous beachside cities along the West Coast. Start from the bustling city of Los Angeles and head north along the famous Big Sur for breathtaking views before ending your journey in Monterey. 

4) Sicily, Italy
One of the best ways to enjoy the local delights of a country is to immerse yourself with the locals. For couples seeking an authentic Italian experience, Sicily is where foodie dreams come true. Begin your journey with your spouse at the Sicilian capital of Palermo, and head onwards along the island’s ancient city of Enna, which sits upon a massive hill. From there, head southeast for a trip to Mount Etna (the tallest active volcano in Europe) and end your journey with a ferry at the Italian province of Calabria for the quintessential Italian experience.

8 Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

The City Dwellers
The rush of the city – its people and cars constantly on the move – excites these type of couples. Whether it be exploring the city’s local cuisines or experiencing the everyday life of the locals, the city is the place to be.

5) New York City, USA
Beyond the bright lights of New York City lies a romantic side most city lovers will agree upon. From a quiet afternoon of rowing in Central Park, gallery hopping along the museums in the city or intimate candlelit dinners in the West Village, New York City offers abundant of places to choose from for you and your partner. Avoid tourist traps like Times Square and instead take a stroll along SoHo or have a quick picnic with the skyscrapers at Bryant Park.

6) Paris, France
Known as the city of amour (love), Paris leads as one of the most romantic cities around the world. The sight of the Eiffel Tower alone is enough to make most couples feel like they’re on cloud nine! Yet, the charm of Paris goes beyond this famous landmark, as newlyweds can spend their days away people-watching at famous side street cafés, shopping along Champs Elysées or hiking the steep roads of the Sacré-Coeur Basilica for breathtaking views of the Parisian city.

8 Honeymoon Spots for Different Types of Couples

The Luxe Lovers
When it comes to indulging in over-the-top accommodation, dining and service, the luxe couple is not afraid to spend a little more for their post-nuptial getaway. 

7) St. Barthélemy (Barts), Caribbean Islands
This Caribbean island has been known to be the playground for the rich and famous. Known for its European vibes, St. Barts caters to the chic elite and offers an island getaway fit for couples looking to relax and unwind in luxury. Soak up the sun on the many beaches on the island, or enjoy the exciting nightlife and the many off-shore activities offered at the island’s neighbours — Martinique or St. Martin.

8) Dubai, UAE
It’s hard to deny that this dessert city oozes romance and mystique. Feel like royalty with your partner and enjoy the best of both worlds by indulging in all the glamour the city has to offer, or head out for some adventure and sun with a private tour through the Arabian sands.

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