Get Your Gatecrashing Game On

From groomsmen dressed as McDonald’s food to burying their faces in a bowl of worms, the age-old gatecrashing tradition has definitely been given a modern — and whacky — twist. But hey, it’s all in the name of creating fun memories, isn’t it?

If you’re wracking your brain for games to “sabotage” the groomsmen with during your gatecrashing, here are six ideas you might like!

1. Sticky Note Shenanigans
Write down a forfeit on each piece of sticky note, and stick as many as you can onto each groomsmen. Allow them a time limit to shake off as many as they can — no hands allowed! At the end of it, they have to perform the act written on each sticky note that is still stuck on them. Let your imagination run free and come up with penalties that are as mild or wild as you like!

2. The Right Bride
All the bridesmaids, including the bride (you can include some of the groomsmen too, to kick it up a notch) will gather in a line. With a blindfold on, the groom will try to identify his bride by touching only certain parts of the body or facial features, such as the nose, lips or fingers. Grooms, how well do you know your bride?

3. Can I Have Your Blessing?
Equipped with a pen and paper, the groom will have to roam about and obtain  “blessings” (in the form of signatures) from “x” number of strangers within a time limit. This one will be especially funny for the shy grooms!

4. Keep Cool and Carry On
Freeze the key to the bride’s house (or room) in a hefty block of ice and watch how the groom and his band of brothers try to retrieve the key! As always, setting a time limit only makes every game more amusing.

5. What’s in My Mouth?
Inspired by a popular challenge in the YouTube realm, the men will be blindfolded and fed a variety of foods which they have to identify correctly. For a twist, add some non-edible items into the mix and get the player to guess what the object is based on how it feels in his mouth! Be careful of choking hazards, though. 

6. Make Me Up
This is a hybrid of yet more of  YouTube’s crazy games — “Not My Arms Challenge” meets “No Mirror Make-Up Challenge”. A member from Groom and Co. will be the face and another will be the arms; without looking into a mirror, the arms will have to apply make-up, as accurately as possible, onto the face. Sit back and watch as chaos ensues — and prepare yourselves for hilarious results.

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