Nailed It: Things to Consider for Wedding Nails

Nailed It: Things to Consider for Wedding Nails

Wedding nails are an additional accessory when it comes to glamming up your gown, manicures more so than pedicures. They can complement your outfit, allow you to take amazing photos (especially of your rings!) and make you feel pretty even with minimal jewellery. Making sure that you have the perfect manicure isn’t always as easy as it seems because so many things could go wrong! As such, here’re some tips to nailing the perfect nails.

Matchy Matchy

Nailed It: Things to Consider for Wedding Nails

If you have a specific look for your nails that you’re going for, you should select a colour or design that best matches your dress. Be careful if you’re going to change outfits because you should consider all the colours you’ll be donning at the wedding and ensure that your nails complement them!

Length Matters

Nailed It: Things to Consider for Wedding Nails


If you’re getting acrylic, gel or artificial nails, then make sure you know if there’s a minimum length your nails need to be to apply them. This is especially important for nail biters – hold out for a good length so that they can suitably support the stick-ons! If you’re going for a manicure on your natural nails, you need to consider how long you would like them to be and your desired design. Remember that shaping will take off some length, elaborate designs need more nail space and French manicures require a minimum amount of length to look good! 

No Chip Zone

Chipped nails are a no-no and while it isn’t 100% preventable, you can definitely do your best to minimise your chances. If your work or lifestyle requires you to use your hands a lot, then you may want to go for hardier options like gel or acrylic nails, just so you can do the dishes or build a table without worrying about your art. Either that, or take note of what normally damages your nails and then abstain from doing them after getting your nails done. 

Plan Wisely

Nailed It: Things to Consider for Wedding Nails

You can also reduce the chances of your nails chipping if you get them done as close to the wedding as possible. However, you may decide that getting them done too close to the wedding is risky because should something happen, you may need to rectify the situation and that would take time that you don’t have. You should have a few nail salons you like and trust on standby to do any emergency touch-ups or pick a salon that doesn’t mind you coming back for last minute quick fixes!

Wedding nails shouldn’t give you stress and a manicure should pamper you for your big day. If you give it enough thought, you should be able to get the wedding nails of your choice and get the most out of your manicure with ease!

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