Ready To Buy An Engagement Ring? Here Are 5 Facts To Know Before Purchasing One

Ready To Buy An Engagement Ring? Here Are 5 Facts To Know Before Purchasing One

So you’ve found your soul mate and only one question is left, how exactly does one select the perfect engagement ring? While most bridal shops in Singapore are capable of offering you some much-needed advice, the process of ring-shopping may still appear a little daunting. Whether you’re looking to select the ring or are hinting towards one, here are five essential ring related facts to acquaint yourself with before embarking on the task.

Cut, colour, clarity and carat

The fundamentals to a diamond ring, the four C’s can serve as a useful guide when shopping for one. In contrary to what its name may suggest, the cut actually refers to the polishing and symmetry of the diamond, where the cut affects the shine of the diamond.

While some diamonds are entirely colourless, others may have a white, gray, yellow or pink tinge. The selection of the colour depends on how particular you are, but for the not-so-big spenders, rest assured that the slight colour tinge is usually invisible to the naked eye. Clarity in this aspect, plays a similar role to colour.

Last but not lease, the carat refers to the weight (i.e. size) of the diamond. In this case, the bigger the diamond, the pricer it is.


When selecting the ring, it is advisable to opt for classic/timeless designs and one that is suitable for daily wear. Depending on the lifestyle of your partner or you, there are a variety of ring styles that caters to different lifestyles. While the bezel ring is perfect for a sporty wearer, the timeless design of the channel ring is best suited for the classy wearer.


It may seem difficult, but there are several discreet ways to find out the ring size of your partner. Borrowing her existing jewellery for reference for example, is one. It is also advisable to opt for bigger size rather than a smaller one, as the resizing process will be more challenging should the ring be too small.


After making your decision, it is important to request for the ring’s certification before actually making the purchase. In addition to providing you a comprehensive report from a geologist on all the aspects of the gem, the certificate will also reveal the grade of the diamond, its cut and weight. Do also feel free to seek the professional opinion of your jeweler should you require further clarifications.

Non-diamond engagement rings

While engagement rings, especially the princess cut engagement rings, may be popular in Singapore, do also consider other gemstones including rubies, emeralds and sapphires when ring-shopping. Although they may deviate from the traditional engagement ring, these non-diamond pieces will definitely stand out from the crowd. However, do remember to consult your significant other or hint towards these non-diamond engagement rings beforehand.

Now that you’re equipped with the basics of engagement rings, you’re ready to make your purchase. If you’re still a little unsure, don’t be afraid to have a friend tag along, to listen to his/her opinion too!

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