The Required Marriage Mindset For A Couple In Singapore

The Required Marriage Mindset For A Couple In Singapore

Did you know that there is a certain type of mindset required for marriage in Singapore? Be it the groom or the bride, you need a mind that can conform in the areas of partnership, understanding, love, and loyalty. By making this mindset your own, and then towards one another, you are setting the stage for a healthy marriage. 

Before the union, we set the goal as our own individual vow, while keeping before us a commitment to personal growth. If you have the posture of “me and my way”, this will ruin any prospects of a fruitful marriage so you must always remember to be others centred.

After setting foundational principles, you can then move into proper roles. Your roles will vary depending on how you have discussed. Do not ever break foundational principles. Wounds left unhealed will carry us right into divorce courts. Seeing a counsellor will be helpful.

When we conform in the ways of love, we are being moulded and shaped into the best way for survival in this area. The acknowledgement to conform is actually wisdom. In wisdom, each person gains knowledge, which then becomes useful once we understand how to apply it.

Hence, it is so important to prepare for marriage while you are still single. Mastering this on an individual level is not an easy thing to do. Trying to manage who you need to become while caring for your partner is so difficult. But as the saying goes, when we know better, we will do better. This process is slow but will definitely bear fruit over time.

Self-reflection requires a mirror and an open heart. If you do not commit to yourself on this level, how can you be committed to the work required for a successful marriage in Singapore? The goal is to make us aware so we can start preparing now. Victory loves preparation.

Be open on all topics including finance, housing, and travel. Start now.

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