Types of Shapes Available for A Diamond Engagement Ring

Types of Shapes Available for A Diamond Engagement Ring

Which is the right diamond shape for her? This is a common question for any one looking to propose to his bride to be. Choosing the perfect shape for an engagement ring can be a bit confusing to most people. It gets even harder when you get to the jewellery store, and you come across shapes other than the standard round diamonds. You were only worried about her likelihood of saying “yes” before getting to a jeweller, but now you are also worried about your choice of a diamond ring.

Most women have their dream engagement ring in mind, and it would save you a lot of hassle if you just asked her. However, this eliminates the surprise factor which most people are not willing to give away. Therefore, the next possible option is talking to her friends about it and getting the right answer. This gives you an idea of the kind of a diamond engagement ring to choose. Below are the most common diamond shapes that you will find in most stores in the country:

Round Diamond 

They are the classiest and most popular type of cut in a diamond engagement ring. 80% of people worldwide choose a cut of this kind due to its sparkle and beauty. The 1919 creation has 58 facets and asymmetrical shape which gives it the most excellent light refraction properties among others. The brilliance that comes with this shape makes it ideal for anyone looking to hide any inclusions or poor colors. A small carat size diamond will always look smaller than other shapes with the same carat feature, but it is the most brilliant of all shapes when following the set parameter.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

They are the second most popular diamonds after the round shaped diamonds and most common among all other fancy diamonds. They come in either square or rectangle shape which gives the ring a unique look. Their light reflecting capabilities are not perfect since a lot of light tends to leak out through the four corners instead of reflecting back to the eye. To curb this problem, most manufacturers tend to create tapered edges. The stone shape works perfectly with most settings regardless of its size. However, the corners are highly susceptible to chipping if no prongs are protecting the edges.

Emerald Diamond

This diamond shape boasts of a step cut pavilion, and a large table top. It is easy to see all the inclusions on an emerald due to its large rectangular table top. Its edges are faceted, providing a little sparkle at the corners. The cut is not very popular currently, but it is the cheapest of all shapes hence ideal if you are working on a tight budget. You can invest in higher colour and clarity grades while buying this type of diamond to make it appear more vibrant. 

Cushion Cut

A cushion-cut diamond provides the perfect square table top with rounded corners. This type of rock shape came into the market over two centuries ago, but its popularity decreased in the last one century. However, there have been improvements in its cuts which has contributed to a rise in its popularity lately. The soft and romantic shaped diamonds create excellent patterns with their cuts and are among the least expensive shapes you will find in most stores.

Oval Shaped Diamond

This diamond has a faceting that resembles that of a round cut, but it has the shape of an elliptical object, for example, an egg. The rounded shape of the diamond makes it appear more massive than a round cut of a similar carat size. It also emits the same level of sparkle and fire like that of a round cut. However, you should be very cautious of the bow-tie effect (a dark area at the centre) on this type of diamond shape. A very dark bowtie represent a shallow cut which hinders the distribution of light while lack of a bowtie is a sign of a deep cut.

These are the most common diamond shapes that people prefer picking for their brides to be but there are other shapes available such as Marquise, pear cut, heart cut, radiant, and Asscher. Every shape represents a particular personality, so it would be ideal if you chose a shape that signifies your partner’s personality. Remember that an engagement ring is a long-lasting investment, so you should do what it takes to ensure you create a lasting impression. 

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