4 Key Questions to Ask About Lights for an Outdoor Wedding

4 Key Questions to Ask About Lights for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding venues are all the rage these days. However, pulling off a magical open-air celebration requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to the venue’s lighting. There’s so much to consider when selecting the perfect lights for your outdoor wedding, ensuring the right amount of visibility without compromising the romantic atmosphere of a wedding en plein air.

Planning the lighting scheme for your wedding affair involves striking a delightful balance between your guests’ safety and comfort and the overall theme and ambience of your special day. To ensure the success of your al fresco wedding, here are some essential inquiries that will help you out along the way!

Question #1: When to consider the lights for an outdoor wedding?

Planning a wedding is a journey filled with countless details, and as with any other aspect, the sooner you line up your light suppliers and installers, the better. Close collaboration with the venue owner and your trusted wedding planner is the key to a luminous celebration under the open sky. Before the wedding season comes in full swing, consider everything that’s missing in your exterior lighting options, and watch as your wedding preparations unfold with ease when the magical day draws near.

Question #2: Who’s responsible for providing lights for an outdoor wedding?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the circumstances at hand. However, in most cases, it’s the venue owner or the ever-resourceful wedding planner who takes charge of providing those shimmering lights.

If you wish to sweep exterior lighting off your worry-filled wedding planning checklist, seek out a venue owner who offers reliable lighting options. You’ll be thrilled to discover that many venue owners now present an array of lighting options to enhance their event packages.

Question #3: How to light an outdoor wedding?

There are different kinds of exterior lighting options you can use for your wedding. You would want to start by exploring the outdoor lights available at your chosen wedding venue:

● Are the pathways clearly lit?

● Does the parking area have spotlights?

● Is there landscape lighting to display the unique features and create visual interest?

● Are entryways properly lit and easy to find?

● Are perimeters marked clearly with lights?

● Can any of the lights be adjusted?

● How can the lighting be controlled?

These are the questions you should ask when contemplating the lighting for your outdoor wedding. To get a fuller picture of the place, it’s a good idea to visit the venue a few days or weeks before the wedding.

Take note of where the main events will unfold and envision the type of lighting that will beautifully complement each moment. During the ceremony, all eyes will be transfixed upon the wedding party, and you can cleverly employ strategically-placed spotlights to ensure clear visibility without overwhelming your beloved guests.

Question #4: How much lighting is needed for an outdoor wedding?

The quantity of lights needed for an al fresco wedding depends on the layout of the venue and the size number the wedding. Generally, it’s worth noting that people tend to underestimate the number of lighting fixtures needed for such occasions. Therefore, it’s always wiser to utilise more fixtures that are closer together but on a lower brightness setting. This provides a more uniform look for the venue, eliminating dark spots and shadows.


Lighting is a crucial element that deserves your utmost attention, especially for your open-air extravaganza. Remember, you have a trifecta of lighting possibilities: the enchanting options offered by your chosen venue, the expertise of a professional outdoor lighting company, and your creative brilliance. The sooner you plan, the easier it’ll be to pull off the wedding of your dreams!

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