5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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As the COVID-19 pandemic moves behind us, safe distancing measures are likely to still be enforced for quite a while after the circuit breaker ends. Understandably so, you and your partner might be considering to trade in your plans to hold a grand wedding for a smaller, more intimate one to comply with the regulations. 

We’re here to tell you why that’s a fabulous idea — besides allowing you to celebrate with your loved ones in a controlled setting, there are also many benefits that come with a smaller, more informal affair, which ultimately makes it a unique experience for both you and your guests. Read on!

1. Increased savings

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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With lesser guests to accommodate to, one obvious benefit of hosting an intimate wedding event would be being able to save more on wedding costs. Not only are smaller wedding venues more cost-friendly with a more forgiving minimum-spend requirement, but you will also have to spend fewer resources decorating the venue. Furthermore, a smaller guest list means lesser food required. 

2. Availability of more unique venues 

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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Besides the saving money, hosting an intimate affair opens up many alternative and unique wedding venues for you and your partner to choose from.

Instead of being confined to a mainstream ballroom venue, why not opt for restaurants and cafes, as well as outdoor settings such as parks and beaches? Not only are you able to explore a greater variety of wedding themes, but the photographs taken on the day of your wedding will also stand out among the rest. 

3. Opportunities to socialise with guests 

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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As much as we want to show our appreciation to each and every guest, hosting a grand affair often prevents us from properly doing so because there’s just too little time for too many guests. On the other hand, hosting an intimate wedding provides you with the opportunity to interact and spend quality time with each guest, allowing you to thank them personally for taking the time out to attend your wedding. 

4. More creative leeway

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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If you are looking to break away from conventional wedding traditions, intimate weddings provide the perfect opportunity to do so as they are on a much smaller scale and much more informal, which allows you to add your own personal touches. 

This includes simple things like handwritten notes for every guest, tailored wedding favours, or a game segment to not only elevate your guests’ wedding experience, but also to celebrate your wedding in your own special way. 

5. Celebrate only with those that truly matter

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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Let’s face it, when it comes to planning your wedding guest list, many of us are compelled to invite distant relatives and friends (or those that we aren’t too fond of) in fear of offending anyone. However, hosting an intimate wedding is the perfect excuse to not do so without coming off as rude due to the limited number of guests your venue can accommodate (and social distancing!). 

More importantly, celebrating with a close-knitted group of family and friends allow you to feel more at ease and in turn, find the day that much more enjoyable and memorable. It also deepens the connections with your closed ones, making your wedding even more special for everyone. 

Ultimately, what matters most is that you find your wedding fulfilling. If a grand celebration is not your cup of tea, then so be it — hold an intimate one instead!

5 Benefits of Holding an Intimate Wedding

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