6 Must-Ask Questions Before Settling With A Wedding Venue

6 Must-Ask Questions Before Settling With A Wedding Venue

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As one of the biggest components of a wedding ceremony, deciding on the perfect wedding venue is anything but easy! Undoubtedly, it’s easy to fall in love with a particular site – whether that’d be an ethereal outdoor garden, a regal ballroom or a quaint cathedral. Before you get swept by the beauty of the venue, you’ll want to mull over a few essential and practical considerations before settling for the one that ultimately steals your heart.

1. The Venue’s Availability

6 Must-Ask Questions Before Settling With A Wedding Venue

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First thing first, you’ll want to ensure that the wedding location (is available on your wedding date, or else it’ll be all for nought! Besides, it’ll be useful to know about any coinciding weddings booked for the same date. This way, you’ll be able to avoid those occupied dates and select another instead. Of course, that’s obviously not the most desirable scenario.

However, this also proves exactly why deciding on your ideal wedding date is one of the more urgent matters to settle first if not your preferred date would be taken by another couple. Additionally, should you wish to go ahead with the same date as another wedding, the relevant vendors would need to know in order to better relocate their resources. Some restaurants may only be open to hosting one ceremony at any one time.

2. The Option To Employ A Wedding Coordinator

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Planning a wedding is nothing short of easy. If anything, it’s as overwhelming and challenging as it gets. Apart from managing so many aspects all at once, you’ll also need to contact the right people to properly bring your wedding to fruition.

Relieve yourself of this burden by collaborating with a wedding coordinator! A hotel wedding planner possesses all the technical know-how and a wealth of experience to meet all your banquet and reception needs. Trained to execute various types of weddings, they will ensure they pull out all the stops to execute your visions down to the tee.

3. Guest Accommodation

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As a milestone that’s worth celebrating, you’ll most definitely want your most important people to bear witness to you tying the knot. The list of important people will grow as the days go by and soon enough, you’ll be wondering if your venue can accommodate the seemingly never-ending list.

Before sending out those wedding invites, be sure to ask how many guests the location can accommodate. Knowing the exact accommodation number will allow you to either trim or expand up your list accordingly, allowing you to more effectively shortlist your guestlist. Moreover, don’t forget to inquire about guest-related services such as shuttle services, if the venue is disabled-friendly and the like.

4. Hiring of Vendors

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Most wedding venues often have a list of vendors they prefer to partner with. Hotels, for instance, will offer their wedding catering services as part of their wedding package. If you still wish to bring in your own vendors, be prepared to fork out more funds or get rejected entirely. Hence, ensure you ask before moving forward with your chosen vendors.

5. Venue Policies

As with any other type of contracts, the venue policies are something you’ll want to make sure that you get them right and accurately. Specificities such as additional charges for if your party overruns the stipulated time, or if the venue has incurred damages, are some things worth asking and knowing. Avoid going in blind. Such important terms and conditions should not be overlooked.

6. The Deposit and Balance 

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Suppose your wedding site has successfully ticked all of the aforementioned boxes, that leaves one final thing: issues regarding money. Before you move forward with the plan, you’ll want to ask the wedding director about the deposit and when the balance is due. In fact, take a step further by asking about any additional fees like administrative fees and the like. You wouldn’t want a nasty surprise once you’ve received the bill.

Pro Tip: Ask whether they have any credit card promotions to offset a percentage of your total costs. 

Ultimately, before you commit to a wedding venue, you’ll want to do your due diligence and research before you confirm the above details. Opt for face-to-face meetups as opposed to discussing via emails as you not only can have a detailed session with your wedding director, but you can also spend some time touring the venue to see if it matches your expectation.

If all of these sound overwhelming to you, we can help! Our Blissful Brides Concierge will not only help you find the wedding venue that fits the bill but will also throw in a special package to help you save costs, wherever and whenever applicable. Drop by our Blissful Brides Concierge personally, or you can simply fill up this form to get started!

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