A Beginner’s List to Wedding Dance Lessons in Singapore

A Beginner’s List to Wedding Dance Lessons in Singapore

Take your first steps as a married couple

As the first dance is becoming increasingly popular, you may be interested to have a dance segment in your wedding. For your symbolic first dance, consider the following dance schools, where you can not only learn to dance but also bond with your partner at the same time!

Dance into the Night

A Beginner’s List to Wedding Dance Lessons in Singapore

Source: John & Josephine Dance Creative

For a classic first dance, ballroom dances such as waltz, tango, and quickstep can give a smooth and elegant finish to your wedding night. If you’re lucky, your dance instructor may even help you choreograph a wedding dance, which takes into account your preferred dance, choreography, and music style.

John & Josephine Dance Creative, DanceThrob RpMerleon Studios, and Dancer’s Dream Studio, among other dance schools, offer wedding dance classes for you to glide across the dance floor as you celebrate your modern-day fairytale.

Groove to the Music

Do you sway to the music playing in the streets? If so, then jazz is for you who appreciates groovy beats and tempo. On your wedding night, celebrate as you feel the groove to put on an upbeat and exciting performance. 

Who knows – once you’ve mastered the sharp and strong movements, you may even choose to try different styles of jazz dance such as jazz funk and street jazz! With that said, you may seek help at All That Jazz Dance Academy and Danz People to embark on your journey in jazz dance.

Spice it Up

A Beginner’s List to Wedding Dance Lessons in Singapore

Source: Shawn and Gladys Dance Academy

For the couple looking to switch it up to a merry wedding, hype up the crowd with salsa, which is a flirty and fun dance to get everybody moving. Typically, salsa dancewear makes use of bold colours – gold, silver, or red – for you to remain the centre of attention for the rest of the night. 

Should you want to dare yourself with this new challenge, you may try salsa lessons by Dance En Motion or Shawn and Gladys Dance Academy to add some spiciness to your wedding night. 

Go Solo

A Beginner’s List to Wedding Dance Lessons in Singapore

Source: Angelina Tay School of Bellydance

Fret not if your partner is too shy, for there’s always the option of going solo! This guarantees your partner’s entire focus on you, so you should grasp the opportunity to convey your enthusiasm and joy of your union. 

While the process may seem lonely, your partner will surely be thankful for your courage, which makes it all worth it at the end. Otherwise, feel free to seek support from your bridesmaids or groomsmen to put on a show-stopping performance!

Besides, a solo dance gives you the freedom of choice, so why not visit the Angelina Tay School of Bellydance or the Dance Factory for K-pop to give different dance genres a whirl!

A Moment to Cherish

To all the brides-to-be, this is for you. One of the ways to show to your father for his unending love, care, and affection as you mature from a girl to a woman, is to ask him for a dance. Aside from your first dance on your big day, the time and effort spent practising together will serve as precious memories. 

For father-daughter dance lessons and to spend quality time together, you may visit dance schools such as the Singapore Wedding Dance to fulfil your dream wedding dance. 

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