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With weddings in Singapore becoming grander, and with each progressive soon-to-be married couple striving to plan a wedding that’s truly unique and memorable, it’s not always easy to find the perfect pieces that’ll fit a couple’s dream wedding.

Modern day wedding planning involves not just planning the guests, or the food and the ceremony, but also the theme, the flow of events, the entertainment, the pre-wedding entertainment, the lights, the decorations, and a whole lot of other things! Couples usually have to decide on everything from what pre-wedding activities to have, what food to serve to what events and decorations they want to fit what theme. The amount of responsibilities, things to plan and decisions to make are made even more stressful when couples aim to hold their dream wedding.

Among the many aspects of a wedding that has to be planned, one of the most crucial is perhaps, the wedding gown. Wedding gowns were not always part of a wedding, and up until the early 1800s, couples often wore their Sunday best, or in the case of wealthier couples, find clothes that they have worn or will wear again.

In fact, the white wedding gown, as we know it today, didn’t become popular until 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white gown during her wedding. Before this, gowns, even when made specifically for a wedding, were often in bright colours, as white was hard to keep clean, and the price of gowns made it impossible and impractical to have one tailored just to wear once.

After the wedding of Queen Victoria, wealthy families started tailoring white gowns for their weddings, and these gowns were often a statement of the family’s wealth, as the colour white could not be worn repeatedly due to the impossibility of keeping it clean, as such, it showed others that “our family is so wealthy that we could afford to make this expensive gown just to wear once”.

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Wedding gowns in Singapore

Wedding gowns in Singapore have evolved with the current fashions, and the western white wedding gowns have merged with traditional wedding gowns in Singapore. What this has resulted in is a unique meeting of culture and fashion, and many of the gowns worn by brides in Singapore reflect this. In many cases, brides in Singapore wear several gowns during the course of their wedding day, often a traditional western one, a traditional cultural one and one that reflects both styles.

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Shops that specialise in wedding gowns in Singapore have adapted to meet these needs as well, and often offer a range of gowns in different styles.

Despite the popularity of professionally made and branded wedding gowns in Singapore, new trends have also started emerging, partly due to the extremely high prices of having one made and tailored, but also due to the want to be different.

Among these trends is that of brides wearing normal, albeit beautiful, white dresses instead of specially fitted gowns, and of brides opting for more casual wear at their weddings.

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