Princess Cut Engagement Rings | Wedding Proposal Bands In SG

Princess Cut Engagement Rings | Wedding Proposal Bands In SG

Princess Cut Engagement Rings | Wedding Bands In Singapore

Saying ‘I do’ to a dazzling, princess cut diamond ring that no longer has to be a far-fetched dream for you. Attaining a fairy tale wedding right here in Singapore has become so much easier!

On this page, pick up the sweetest deals on stunning diamond engagement rings for her dream proposal, or find bespoke services for your envisioned and customised wedding rings. Fret not if you need some ideas to kick-start your ring hunt, our handy wedding guides are sure to inspire your search for the perfect wedding bands for both men and women alike.


1. How much does an engagement ring cost in Singapore?

The price of an engagement ring in Singapore is dependent on the carat weight of its diamond.

Typically, engagement rings start at about $765 for diamonds carat less than 0.1 carats. However, most Singaporeans opt for diamond carat with 0.5 – 1.0 carat weight — these rings typically fall between the $1,230 to $2,066 price range. If you wish to go for a higher carat while keeping to a lower price range, consider lab-grown diamonds that offer more bang for your buck.

2. Why is an engagement ring important?

While an engagement ring is not essential for the soon-to-be-married couple, engagement rings serve as a romantic symbol of long-term commitment to each other. The donning of engagement rings have been a time-honoured tradition, especially for men who are sure their partner is their forever person and are ready to let their intentions be heard in a sweet proposal.

3. How many carats should an engagement ring be?

While there is no fixed carat weight to abide by for your engagement ring, a ring over 0.5 carat would be good if you’re looking for a stunning, eye-catching diamond ring for her. As the carat weight increases, the diamond will also radiate with greater brilliance and sparkle.

One thing to note is that the ring price can climb steeply with increasing carat weight.

4. What is a princess cut diamond ring?

A princess cut diamond is a gorgeous square-shaped diamond with pointed corners. As a highly modern diamond shape, many couples sought this cut as their engagement ring. Boasting maximum brilliance from its triangular cuts, choosing a well-cut princess diamond shape will offer your partner a ring that sparkles most brightly.

5. When is a princess cut better than the common round cut?

Round cuts have been the traditional and classic choice for diamond rings. But, with the same carat weight, princess cuts are the more affordable option!

That’s because princess cut diamonds undergo a more efficient cutting process and produces less wastage. Additionally, princess cut diamonds flaunt a more prominent appearance with larger tables (at the surface of the diamond).

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