The Best Reasons for Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

The Best Reasons for Choosing an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

You’ve found your dream dress, booked the perfect venue, and now you just need to pick whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. Both have their own pros and cons, so it’s natural to feel a little confused about what’s best for you. After all, one is not inherently right or wrong. It really comes down to what feels more like you and will help make your special day as blissful as possible. That being said, here are some reasons you might prefer one over the other.

1. It’s more comfortable for your guests

When it comes to outdoor weddings, you must consider the weather forecast for the wedding day. As Singapore is susceptible to humid temperatures due to being near the equator, the best months to hold an outdoor wedding are during the cloudier part of the year, such as in November. Outdoor weddings can get very hot, very fast, leaving your guests feeling uncomfortable and even dehydrated if hosted on a hot, sunny day. If things get particularly steamy, an indoor wedding may be more appropriate.

Indoor weddings, on the other hand, offer consistent temperatures. You can even control it with the flick of a switch. Indoor weddings also feature more temperature-controlled ceremony and reception locations. You can even hold both at different places, such as having your ceremony in a church and your reception in a hotel ballroom.

2. Your photos will look amazing

Photography is one of the most memorable aspects of your wedding day. While indoor and outdoor weddings each have pros and cons, photography is one area where indoor weddings have the advantage as it allows you to have softer, balanced, and controlled lighting throughout the day.

Meanwhile, outdoor weddings are frequently best held early or late in the evening when the sun’s intensity is at its lowest. This means you’re less likely to have harsh shadows in your photos. Having said that, the pictures of you and your partner with the sunset in the background will be an incredible memory for years to come.

3. It can be more affordable

Outdoor weddings have their advantages, but an indoor wedding is typically the more affordable option when it comes to cost. Part of this is because of the options available to you.

If you want to get married outside, you’ll be limited to certain months of the year and times of the day to avoid any extreme temperatures. Indoor weddings, however, can take place at any time of year. They are also generally less expensive to set up and require fewer outside vendors. While you’ll still need to pay for an indoor venue, you won’t have to worry about renting and setting up outdoor decorations and furniture, paying for an outdoor sound system, or hiring a caterer who can accommodate outdoor conditions.

4. You get to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about rain

While a little rain shouldn’t ruin your wedding, it may certainly put a damper on things if you choose an outdoor ceremony. Whether it’s during the ceremony or reception, you wouldn’t want to constantly worry about the weather possibly affecting your special day. With an indoor ceremony, you aren’t as likely to have to deal with the rain.


Choosing an outdoor or indoor wedding is a big decision, but it’s a decision that you’ll have to make at some point in the wedding planning process. The best thing you can do is to weigh your options. Think about the best reasons for each type of wedding, as well as the downsides. Then, decide which option feels most suitable for you and your partner. Indoor and outdoor weddings have their own pros and cons, but it ultimately comes down to which one you prefer and what you think is best for you and your partner.

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