Top 5 Metal Choices For Wedding Bands

Are you tying the knot soon? Then probably you are on a search for those perfect wedding bands. Gold wedding rings are the most popular choice among many couples. However, it is not the only metal that you should consider. Take some time to explore the wide world of jewellery metals, and then select which metal suits your style and budget.

various metal options for wedding bands

From the variety of precious metals, which one should you opt for? Should you get a ring made from gold, silver, platinum or a more contemporary metal? Each metal has a different characteristic and can make a unique statement. These metals have also their respective advantages for appearance, sturdiness, and cost.


Among the many types of metals, gold has become a standard for wedding jewellery. It’s like the first option when a couple starts searching for an ideal wedding ring. With its naturally warm, yellow hue and charming lustre, many couples consider gold rings to be romantic and timeless. Aside from the yellow hue, gold rings can also come in different shades. The alloy that is mixed with the metal affects its colour, thus producing a new shade. Hundreds of possible mixtures can be created, but the most popular options include white gold, green gold, pink and rose, and of course, yellow gold. There are only few wedding bands companies in Singapore that offer these colours, so you may do a research first before heading to the outlet.

gold wedding rings


Platinum is another good alternative for wedding rings. This metal was widely used for jewellery making back in time until the 20th century when it was taken off the market for military use. Being used during the wartime will give you a sense of how hard-wearing platinum is. These days, the platinum has become one of the top choices for wedding and engagement rings. Platinum features a soft white hue and is 30 times rarer and 40% heavier than 14K gold. Due to its hardness, the details of a platinum ring are intricately engraved thus appearing more precise and sharper.

affordable silver-made wedding ring

Sterling Silver

Silver was once considered as more valuable than gold. In today’s time, it is now one of the most affordable precious metals, which is why many couples choose to have silver wedding bands. Similar to gold, pure silver is too soft to be used in jewellery. So, jewellery makers combined it with other metals like copper to make it more durable. Sterling silver is one good example of the silver mixture, which contains at least 92.5% pure silver and copper. Jewellery made from sterling silver can range from bright white to greyish white.


Cobalt is a bright white metal which looks closely similar to platinum. However, it is about four times harder than platinum, which makes cobalt rings more durable. This naturally white alloy is heavier than other alternative metals, giving it a heavier feeling when worn.


Titanium has become a popular option for wedding jewellery due to its light weight. This is perfect for people who are not used to wearing jewellery pieces. Titanium rings can come in different shades such as black, grey or silver. Most rings made of titanium have inlays of other metals and come in satin or polished finishes. The best thing about titanium wedding rings is that they are hypoallergenic.

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