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Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee Andie Ng emcee

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As her name implies, she might be petite in stature but definitely BIG in spirit, and she is able to reach into the lives of other people and bring laughter to the room! Petitemcee is fluent in languages and effectively bilingual.

Since a young age, Andie aka Petitemcee has loved being on stage. Do not be fooled by her petite frame as she comes with a fun loving personality. 

The moment she received her first radio, she knew music and the arts would play an important role in her life. Over a decade ago, she studied under veteran hosts in pursuit of her passion for the stage and hosting. In her early years, she hosted her own internet radio show where she honed her hosting skills and participate in many roadshows and events. 

As the peers around her started to get hitch and love cupid struck, Andie would always step up to host their weddings and there's where she experienced a whole new joy and happiness. You can also count on her to throw in some dialect when she's hosting. She believes that every couple’s story is uniquely beautiful and she aims to add the personal touch to your wedding by highlighting these stories through her hosting. She will also light up the whole stage with her personality and fill the halls with laughter. An experienced emcee who also hosts road shows, d&d events and over 100 weddings under her belt, your wedding will certainly be in good hands and a memorable one!

What does weddings mean to me? Weddings to me is a celebration of love ! Celebration of the couple's love blossoming, celebration of kinship, where 2 families come together and become close and the celebration of friendships, their love and support for the couple and that's what so beautiful about a wedding, the human connection. 

Most meaningful wedding ? The most meaningful wedding etched in my mind was during the COVID period. With multiple restrictions in place, the bride's immediate family and relatives were stuck overseas and could not attend the wedding physically. The groom went the extra mile to compile a video for her from all her relatives with their blessings. As you can guess, tears were overflowing during the banquet.  

Advice for couples: 

I enjoy hearing from couples on what a dream wedding looks like to them and what they envision for their big day. From there, we can work out the flow together to combine all the elements to make it the wedding the couples always wanted. So dont hold back on the ideas you have, share them with your vendors (e.g photography, emcee, makeup artist) and explore the endless possibilities together for your big day!