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Endllxly by Ellialyn Endllxly by Ellialyn Endllxly by Ellialyn

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Ellialyn from endllxly is recognised for her bold pieces, presented in her one-of-a-kind brush lettering style. Besides having brush lettering art prints, paper goods and personalised gifts for sale, Ellialyn also offers other services, such as workshops, live writing at events as well as customising work. 


Wedding Packages

$ 25.00 16% off

Minimum order of 6, with complimentary gift wrapping. Price is for ONE mug only. Kindly give up to 4 weeks for your mugs to reach you. We will send you copies of the draft of customised brush lettering artwork within 2 weeks. Give us time as all brush lettering is completed and edited by us. We do not use fonts.Designs Available: - Black base with white bottom and thin golden rim - White base with black bottom and thin golden rim - White base with pink bottom and thin golden rim - White base with grey bottom and thin golden rimWe recommend the color combinations as shown in the pictures:- Gold on black and white- Black and white on white and black respectivelyDue to the space on the mug, we are able to fit in only 1 word, maximum 8 alphabets.


Latest Portfolios

Gallery of customised brush lettering work by endllxly. Includes: personalised name mugs (for couple, bridesmaid and groomsman squad, wedding favours) and customised lettering piece of your selected quotes (various sizes).


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Endllxly by Ellialyn