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Laser cut wedding invitation Inside card with the wood



La Grazia Wedding


Come DIY your Own Wedding Bands @ http://bennygems.com.sg/index.php/customization-your-rings/


DIY Wedding Bands

Benny's Gems Creations


Some of our photobooth props!


Photobooth Props

60 Shutter


Singapore outdoor photography Botanic Garden


Botanic Garden Pre-wedding Outdoor Photography

French Wedding


Riverfront Ballroom - 15 to 20 tables


Riverfront Ballroom

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


Evo High End Resilient Flooring (Evo HERF) is a strong substitute to traditional laminate flooring & wood parquet due to its 100% waterproof feature. FEATURES: - Completely waterproof - No underlay required - No expansion joints - Quiet under foot - 1210mm x 190mm planks, with deep embossing - Simple angle, slide, lock installation - Commercial-grade wear layer - Highly slip resistant - Ceramic Bead Coating - Light cushion effect - Termite proof - High Performance


Evo High End Resilient Floor (Evo HERF) by EVORICH

Evorich Holdings Pte Ltd


Talks and workshops centered on personal well-being, emotional and mental issues encountered in relationships as well as psychological challenges an individual faces. These talks are aimed to help couples cope with the demands of our modern society. To aid in the ability to cope with the demands of our modern society.

BOWS talk

·         Start Right Stay Strong

·         Love vs Commitment

Our aim is to help couples prepare for their marriage and to create awareness on the importance of viewing marriage holistically. This also provides couples with a taste of our Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) and shows how it helps prepare them for their marriage while catering to their needs.

Lunchtime Talk

·         A Toolbox for Relationship

·         Improving Your Adversity Quotient

·         Managing Stress vs slipping into Depression

·         Protecting your marriage-when a friend is not just a friend

To actively engage the audience to explore their concerns and issues that they might be facing in our modern society. The aim is to open their minds to the help available to aid them in overcoming these issues in life.


Talks and Workshops

REACH Counselling