4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

As exciting as an engagement is, it may be daunting for some to wearing precious jewellery on a day-to-day basis. In addition to the countless dreamy sighs over your gorgeous ring, there might be just as many questions regarding its care.

Though engagement rings—specifically diamond engagement rings—may seem indestructible, they're not. From sports activities to household chores, here five everyday ring-damaging activities and tips to avoid the damage.


4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

When preparing meals for your significant other, we recommend leaving your ring by the side.
This is because certain foods like minced meat, dough and other minuscule bits of food may get stuck in your ring and build-up over time without you noticing.


4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

Wearing your ring as you clean may damage it in multiple ways. The harsh chemicals will have a negative effect such as dulling or discolouring the band. Additionally, the ring prongs may get caught on loose threads, carpets or sheets. If this continuously happens, it will loosen the prongs and in turn, cause the diamond to fall out. One way to keep your ring safe is to set several ring dishes around the house to place your rings in.

Beauty Products

4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

Similar to the build-up that may occur during household chores, build-up from beauty products can occur too. Lotions, hair sprays and creams tend to dirty your ring and dull its shine by leaving behind residue. Over time, you may risk losing the sparkle of your princess cut engagement ring. Hence, it is advisable to leave your ring out of your beauty routine.


4 Occasions to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

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If you’re an active bride-to-be, you may need to remove your ring each time you play sports. Wearing your ring as you play sports may cause the stones to loosen or fall off should it knock hard enough against a hard surface.

If the impact does not affect the gem, it may result in scratches or dents. While there are fewer opportunities for you to knock your ring against a hard surface in the pool, long-term exposure to chlorine cause the prongs to become brittle.  Your finger size also tends to shrink in cold water, allowing your ring to easily slip off into the water.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is also necessary when caring for your ring. It is advised to send your ring to the jewellers for professional cleaning at least once a year. This ensures that your ring maintains the sparkle it had when you first received it.

Aside from staying informed, regularly check your ring to ensure that nothing is amiss. Regular checks and a simple home cleaning of your ring will help it stay in the best condition possible.

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