Bridal Portraits: Immortalising Yourself As A Bride

Bridal Portraits: Immortalising Yourself As A Bride

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If your wedding day is the only day you’re intending to take photos of yourself in your dream wedding dress, you’re simply missing out! More often than not, you’d be too preoccupied with the entire commotion to even have a proper meal, much less afford time to properly take photos in your gown. In comes bridal portraits!

Bridal Portraits: Why Take Them?

Bridal Portraits: Immortalising Yourself As A Bride

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Much like pre-wedding photography, bridal portraits are images taken several months prior to the wedding – except, the bride can revel in a solo photoshoot in a location of her choice!

Instead of taking your wedding-day bridal portraits during crunch-time moments, relieve yourself of the stress and take a breather by taking your bridal portraits under more relaxed circumstances. Moreover, these sorts of photoshoots offer flexibility in terms of time and logistics, encouraging a more creative and fun atmosphere. 

You can pick and choose your locations and even bring a prop or two, if you wish to. At the end of the session, you can opt to have your photos printed on canvases or compiled into a photobook to gift your partner as a memento of sorts.

Bridal Portrait Tips

Bridal Portraits: Immortalising Yourself As A Bride

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As with any type of photos, perfecting the bridal portrait starts with the model feeling at ease and comfortable! You don’t need to necessarily put yourself out there if you’re naturally shy in front of the camera, but don’t forget to break into a smile or two! On this note, choosing the right photographer adept at making the bride feel at ease is crucial!

Bridal portraits also function as a dry-run. Since you’ll be coordinating your hair and makeup trials with the portrait session, you’ll be able to practise for how your styling will actually be like on the big day. 

Perhaps, the trial hairstyle turned out a bit too tight or you realise a lighter makeup is preferred for your actual day — that’s what the bridal portrait shoot is for — to experiment and decide what styles suit you best. This way, you’ll be able to finetune your final look for any changes ahead of your big day.

Beyond the hair and makeup, ensure to also coordinate your bridal portraits with the bridal shop and seamstresses to give them a heads-up. Doing so will give them sufficient time and leeway to make the necessary alterations to your fittings for both the bridal portrait and your wedding day.

Where And When To Take Your Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits: Immortalising Yourself As A Bride

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As mentioned prior, wedding days are jam-packed with activities. You’ll have little to no time trying to slot in a photo session with your partner, family and friends — much less your bridal portraits. This also means limited location options for your photoshoots. 

However, with bridal portrait shoots, locations are less of an issue since there’s more time and opportunity to secure your dream location. You can opt for a sentimental spot or perhaps go for a dreamy, off-the-beaten-track location!
That said, the time of day is also very important. Given Singapore’s equatorial location, good lighting is, unfortunately, elusive. Thus, you’ll want to have your photoshoots scheduled either early in the morning or around evening to capitalise on the best golden showers. 

This time of your life is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so you’ll want to immortalise every detail as much as possible! Such portraits are a snapshot of you and just you, in this phase of your life where you’d be tying the knot. Probably the most meaningful aspect of all this is how you’ll be able to reflect fondly back on this moment in the years down the road. And you’ll be able to see just how much you’ve grown.

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