5 Important Things Newlyweds Forget on Their Wedding Day

5 Important Things Newlyweds Forget on Their Wedding Day

With what seems like a million things on your to-do list, hosting a wedding can be challenging. While a couple usually remembers who can’t sit with whom and who has allergies to fish as well as the order of events at their reception, they forget what is really important – to celebrate their love! Here are things that couples should remember to do at their wedding so that they enjoy themselves on a day that is exclusively theirs.

Picture This

With the advent of social media, selfies are inevitable at weddings. However, by the end of the celebration, only a small percentage will be on your photographer’s camera and yours to keep. Browsing your wedding hashtag on Instagram for the photos aside, remember to flash a smile at your official photographer and to discuss with them to settle on the kind of photographs you hope to get so that they can position themselves and keep a lookout for good photo opportunities.

Food-get Me Not

5 Important Things Newlyweds Forget on Their Wedding Day

Couples are often so busy mingling with their guests, making sure everything is going according to plan and taking photos that they forget to eat or even drink. Eating may be the last thing on your mind, but you don’t want to be too exhausted before your honeymoon or to suffer from gastric pains halfway through the celebration.

Focus on What’s Important

5 Important Things Newlyweds Forget on Their Wedding Day

In the midst of mingling with the guests, couples may end up neglecting the individual that matters most – each other. After all, you are the most important people in the room – so remember to spend some time with each other, enjoy the little moments and to have fun during the celebration.

Plan Ahead

Planning a wedding is so all-consuming that sometimes, couples forget to plan for what happens immediately after the wedding. Do you need transport to the airport or to make arrangements for a room somewhere? If so, then you should also remember to pack your bags be it an overnight bag or your luggage for your honeymoon.

Take a Moment

5 Important Things Newlyweds Forget on Their Wedding Day

Many couples confess that their wedding felt like a blur. What fun is that? Take a moment (with or without your partner) to just soak in the atmosphere, the sights and sounds. Take a deep breath and really focus on the present, because at this once-in-a-lifetime event, you don’t want to miss out on anything!

Couples are often so preoccupied with making their wedding ‘good’, that they forget that a good wedding is one that they both enjoyed. So keep these things in mind and have fun!

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