6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

If you’re all set to take your relationship to the next level and broach the topic of marriage, congrats! Keep in mind that marriage is a huge commitment and a lifetime partnership, so it would be good to ensure that you’re both on the same page for certain key issues before you actually decide to get hitched. Here are some things you should both be clear on before signing up to be each other’s partners for life. 

Kids: Yay or Nay?

One of the most important things to discuss is whether either of you would like kids. Once you’ve made a decision on that, you should also think beyond that and ask what happens if you don’t want kids but accidentally get pregnant? Or if you want kids but encounter fertility issues? Pick a few hypothetical situations and work out where you two stand as a unit on them. You should also agree on parenting styles so that you can work effectively as a team to be the best parents you can be. 

Religious Stance

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

Depending on what religion both or either of you subscribe to, you may need to have a talk on what part religion will play in your life together. Are there any religious days you will celebrate or customs that must be followed? Do both of you need to be the same religion to get married or are you both fine with respecting each other’s religions? At the same time as having the aforementioned children discussion, you should also figure out what role religion will play in your child’s life if you are intending to have any. 

For Richer or For Poorer

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

As tough as this conversation might be, it’s crucial to talk about your finances before thinking about marriage. Find out if either of you have any debts that need to be paid and how that may affect you as a married couple. You should also check if your spending styles are compatible and if you both are comfortable with trusting each other with your finances. If possible, decide on a method of money management that you both agree on and will practice for smoother financial management in the future!

Getting That Bread

Another thing you should also touch on is your careers and where you expect that to take you. Talk to each other about how settled you are in your jobs, what your plans are for your career path and so on. You should also consider scenarios such as being made redundant or one partner being posted overseas and see how you both would like to approach it should it happen. 

Roommates and Lovers

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

Getting married is in one way, welcoming a roommate that you’re in love with. While that sounds awfully cute and domestic, you should also work out your living styles and habits to see if they’re compatible. You’ll definitely have to give and take, but it’s all about communication and working around any problems together. Take this time to take into account the nitty gritty details of living together and how to split chores and so on.

Family, Friends and Everything In Between

Of course, the most important people you should consider are your parents and soon to be in-laws. Ask if the relations are strained and if there is anything that can be done to improve them. You should also decide how private you would like to be as a couple in terms of sharing things with friends and others. At the same time, make very clear what you consider to be flirting or cheating and where each of you stand on that. 

Looking to the Future

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask Before Popping the Question

It’s important to check in with each other what your expectations for the future are. Find out any long-term goals, be it individual or for the two of you as a couple and how you intend to get there. Ideally, your vision of the future should be where you find each other on the same page so that you can move forward together!

While these questions are certainly not exhaustible nor entirely comprehensive, they should cover the more crucial bases when finding out if you’re marriage material. If you’ve gone through all these questions and find that you’re indeed more or less all set for marriage, then it’s time to pop the question with a ring she deserves.

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