Self-Care While Wedding Planning

Self-Care While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a huge responsibility and can take over your life if you’re not careful enough. Regardless of the type of celebration you are planning for and as excited as you will be, the period leading up to your wedding will have moments of being stressful, emotionally draining and physically tiring.

Despite the flood of busyness you will be experiencing and emotions you’re dealing with, you should always make time for the most important person, you!


Getting the proper nutrition during the period leading up to your wedding is especially crucial. With so much going on, you will definitely need to stay energized in a healthy manner. Getting proper nutrition is also important if you’re trying to get in shape for your wedding. You should not go on a crash diet, over-exercise or under eat. This will only bring you more harm and drain you out even before your wedding starts. The best way to getting the nutrition you need is with balanced meals and an active lifestyle


Wedding planning is both a draining and time consuming process. However, you should not let it eat up all your time or take over your life. Take the time to continue carrying out your hobbies, especially if it is a sport or an activity that helps you relax and gather your thoughts. This gives you a break from wedding planning and provides you with an opportunity to go back to wedding planning with a refreshed mind.

Release your emotions

Considering the number of people involved and your own personal journey to starting a new life with your partner. It is never healthy to bottle up your emotions, especially during this time. You do not want to give yourself more emotional distress than necessary. Find healthy ways to release your emotions such as exercise or talking it out with your partner or friend.

Always have your “me” time

Just like you take time for your hobbies, remember to have your “me” time as well. Use this time to unwind and gather your thoughts. Having your “me” time is extremely important considering how much you will be going through during this point. Take time to be by yourself and reenergize, especially if you’re an introvert. Having time for yourself will also help you to realign your thoughts and priorities, helping you to get a hold on everything that is happening.


Getting ample sleep is crucial at this point of time especially since you need to spend so much time and energy on wedding planning as well as your usual daily responsibilities. Ample sleep boosts your mood, gives you energy and has various benefits to your health as well! Help yourself to go through this period with a positive outlook, healthy body and mind.

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