Wedding Hacks: 4 Must-Catch Moments at Your Wedding

Wedding Hacks: 4 Must-Catch Moments at Your Wedding

An album of memories to last a lifetime

Now that you’ve settled on one of the best wedding locations in Singapore amongst other preparations, you’re ready to set your wedding day expectations. Above all, it is important to use a camera to capture special moments, especially since time flies when you’re having fun. Without further ado, here are some shots that will prove to be wonderful additions to your photo album.

1. Getting ready on the big day

Wedding Hacks: 4 Must-Catch Moments at Your Wedding


You and your partner will be in your respective prep room as you both get ready to exchange your vows. It is at this moment when you will have plenty of anticipation and excitement written all over your face, which your photographer should definitely capture for you to look back and relive the moment all over again after the wedding is over. 

Should your parents be part of your getting-ready process, you should also make a note to your photographer to capture every tiny interaction, which would highly likely reflect all the love and tenderness that your parents have for you. 

2. Details, details, and more details 

While it may be tempting to focus on the fanfare of your big day, do remember to pay attention to detail, for those are where you’ve expended your time and energy on during the wedding planning process. 

Aside from human subjects, the food, drinks, and decorations all contribute to the overall mood of your wedding, so remember to immortalise them with a photograph or two! 

Additionally, photos of wedding outfits and accessories such as the wedding bands, gowns, and shoes can speak volumes about the emotions of your wedding day, and will surely serve as fond memories a few years down the road.

3. The big moment 

Wedding Hacks: 4 Must-Catch Moments at Your Wedding

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When it comes to that very moment that you’ve been waiting for after months of preparation – be it the unveiling of the bride or the reciting of vows – it’s only natural that the initial reactions have to be perfectly captured at the right time. 

Because it all happens in split seconds, whether or not you get the shot will be mostly up to the prowess of your wedding photographer. However, you can kindly remind your guests to keep away all their mobile phones to help your photographer have better chances at immortalising these important moments. 

4. The First Dance

Nothing screams “romantic” more than your first dance as a married couple. Since you and your partner will be immersed in dancing, a motion shot can provide an added layer of emotion that is heartfelt and telling of your love for each other. Once your first dance is over, don’t forget to insist on capturing moments of the father-daughter dance and of your guests having a fun time together.

While it is good to live in the moment, especially on your big day, it is just as important to bring home some memories to treasure and show your future children and grandchildren. This includes a pre-wedding photoshoot, so remember to get that scheduled too if you haven’t done so!

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